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20-09-03, 07:35 PM
Is anyone interested in trading for this book?
This would be the nicest book in your collection :biggthump
I have one, not cheap but worth it!
or as one dealer describes it

'World of Custom Knives' a magnificent knife presentation book of the highest caliber. A celebration of the dual character of fine knives; both functional handmade knives and artistic creations.

The large hardbound book is full of deep detail-oriented photography. The knives are presented in a artistic manner that seems to brings them to life.

Featured knives are made by these well known international artists : John Busfield, Robert Weinstock, Dietmar Kressler, Ron Lake, Flavio Poratelli, Friedrich Schneider, Gary Blanchard, Steve R. Johnson, Paul Fox, Herman Schneider, Francesco Pachi, Robert Loveless, Ray Appleton, and Barry Davis.

The coffee table book measures 10x14". The book is printed in Italy on exceptional paper and presented in a hardcover slipcase. 'World of Custom Knives" is a limited edition of 1000 books. This is a very hard to find item that we are pleased to offer our customers.

Colin KC
20-09-03, 07:49 PM
Wotcha want for it? LMK, drop me a pm, or email & lets talk;)

21-09-03, 10:53 AM
I`d be interested in a Gransfors :wink:

22-09-03, 05:17 PM
Someone must be interested :confused:
c`mon make an offer!
what about a good rucksack WHY

Roger Gregory
22-09-03, 11:35 PM
How do you like Lowe Alpine rucksacks? I seem to have too many :doh:


27-10-03, 12:21 PM
Someone must have an interest in viewing some of the
finest knives in the world :confused:
An added bonus is there is not a Sebbie in sight :p :wink:

27-10-03, 03:49 PM
How about a nice little Maringer Scalpel ?