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17-11-03, 05:43 PM

A view of the knife and sheath :biggthump


A view of both knife and sheath :biggthump

17-11-03, 05:52 PM
A view of the knife and sheath :biggthump

A view of both knife and sheath :biggthump

You made it Jon?

Looks nice. Sub 3" blade (unless those stitches are V Big), but DOES IT FOLD?

Sub 3" folder is only legal EDC, 'nuff sed... sez Danzo


Colin KC
17-11-03, 06:43 PM
Nice Jon, has Five-oh got it yet?

17-11-03, 06:45 PM
thanks for the comments guys. Keith yes i made it the blade is cable damascus and the handle is masur birch

17-11-03, 06:55 PM
colin "The gamer" gets it tomorrow before 12 noon

Colin KC
17-11-03, 06:58 PM

17-11-03, 07:00 PM
That was on hell of a chat!!!!!!!!!!! and the most funnyest as well

Colin KC
17-11-03, 07:00 PM

17-11-03, 11:08 PM
man it was a funny chat... i think we should send some vaseline for Danzo's cat

17-11-03, 11:09 PM
she needs it!!!! wwwwooooooooooowwwwwwwee

17-11-03, 11:19 PM
No I've not got it yet, probably arrive tomorrow and pick it up on Wednesday.

I honestly cannot remember what I said in the chatroom........for Gods sake don't tell me. I know I was slightly tipsy but I seemed to flip back in to awareness having lost half an hour that I cannot recollect at all.

Ooh er, creepy!

Embarassed Danzo

17-11-03, 11:31 PM
Naughty danzo :twak: :twak: :twak: :twak: :twak: :twak: :twak:
you bad boy you :twak: :twak: :twak:

Colin KC
17-11-03, 11:36 PM
Five oh, you chatting?

Dave Barker
18-11-03, 08:31 AM
shaft looks good, blade looks ok ( if you like that sort of thing), am not sure as to how they look together thought.

The sheath has some MIGHTY stitches too..... Horses for courses, but i thin smaller stitching would have been better.

18-11-03, 09:01 AM
Got a close up of the blade?

18-11-03, 01:01 PM
I have only had a cursory look this morning but I am pleased. I had asked Jon to make a knife as I wanted to see what he could do, gave him free rein and I am impressed. The pics posted don't do it justice as the knife and sheath need to be seen as a whole, not a selection of parts. If the blade was a more traditional scandi it would look very odd in the sheath stitched with wire. If the sheath was stitched traditionally the 'neo-tribal' cable damascus scalpel style blade might look weird.
However the whole piece works very well together with a sort of post-apocalyptic feel to it, and is of much higher quality than the pics suggest.The handle particularly is very lovely indeed.



18-11-03, 02:15 PM
thanks danzo!