View Full Version : Lile Rambo the Mission For Sale soon

28-11-03, 12:35 PM
Hello all,

Im shortly going to be selling my Lile "Mission Knife", the knife from the second Rambo movie.

I purchased it from Lile back in late 2001, so was obviously made after Jimmy's death.

I had the knife made to the exact spec of the film version, with the balck guard, and black blade with polished edges. knife has neer been used, and has the eze lap diamond sharpener on the front of case. All original peperwork from Lile also.

The reason I say Im going to be selling shortly is, at the moment, I dont have the facility to put any pictures up, and appreciate people are going to want to see pics. Pics will be up in 2 - 3 weeks.

Therefore this message is just to see if any initial interest before put knife pics up.

Any offers guys ?


13-01-04, 07:16 PM

Did you sell your Lile Rambo "The Mission" knife yet? Ever get any pictures? I'm very interested should it still be available.