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20-03-06, 12:19 PM
This knife was a custom order from Reggie Barker USA. Reggie was asked to make his own interpretation of a Woodlore knife.

The knife has a 4 inch blade with a distal taper made from 52100 (I believe) a nickel ferrule with filework and very nice sheephorn handle slabs, supplied by the original owner.
The handle is of mortice construction, very comfortable and warm feeling, the knife comes with a leather pouch sheath and the blade spine is ground square.

You should have no trouble with edge holding, as Reggie is the current and 2 times winner of the World Cutting Championship;)

A lovely one off knife with a great pedigree

350 including next day delivery

23-03-06, 01:22 PM

23-09-06, 01:09 AM
I left Lanc's a long time ago,I'm curiouse about limey rules & reg's concerning blades I would appreciate any Info,I would like to build my Grandson a Hunter.Would I lose it by confiscation if I send it by Post.
Still a Lancashire lad
Les Tyrer

23-09-06, 08:51 AM
Hi Les, there is no reason why it would be confiscated if it was a fixed blade knife. Most of the issues begin when its a folder.

Check out the Law FAQ in the law section for more info about English knife law.