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27-12-03, 05:33 AM
Well I get to handle them ALL on occasion. Take a looky at this one. The amount of carving is staggering. Oddly, it is NOT a one handed thumbstud. There is a little nick in the blade to open it. Maybe the stud is used after the blade is extracted a bit, because you can't get at it in the closed position. :(

It's a bit over my budget, though. Maybe next year. Listed asking price? $13,000 USD!:yikes: Hey don't slam me, I'm just reporting the facts...... :)


27-12-03, 08:46 AM
Great photo Coop but I have to say that the "knife" does not ring my bell at all

27-12-03, 12:10 PM
What Baggy said. Sometimes less is more.

Colin KC
27-12-03, 12:50 PM
Some lovely work & a great deal of skill has gone into it, but, it doesn't float my boat either (still, the pic's great;))

27-12-03, 01:17 PM
Great pic coop, thanks for showing us. Knife is as ugly as hell though - even if the work is clearly stunning. ;)

Roger Gregory
28-12-03, 12:46 AM
Great pics as always Jim.

I like the knife. It is no uglier than me and would sit very nicely in a pocket :D


05-03-04, 03:55 AM
Nice looking knife and picture,I am seeing some names I know around here :)

05-03-04, 05:01 AM
I think the handles work better than the blade personally, but then it's all theoretical because I could never afford it; and if I could I wouldn't buy it myself, I'd commission something to my own tastes. That said you can't deny it's a work of art, though perhaps more of a showpeice than a knife. Kind of makes me think of the bits of stupidly expensive furniture you get on antiques-roadshow that make you go pthwoooarrgh that's some workmanship, but I'd never own it myself cos there's nowhere to put it and I'd never use it.

12-03-04, 05:27 PM
Uaggggg.. It's Ugly..
Proberly can't even cut..
Should have been made from clay...

12-03-04, 05:42 PM
well everything has its place

cant see me using it to gralloch a deer tho

also doesnt have a lanyard hole tho maybe i could drill one :D

if only .......................

about the price too $13.00 is affordable enough :stooges:


12-03-04, 06:24 PM
Respect to the artist for the creation of a superb work of art! :biggthump

But what else could it be good for as to look at and to guess what it could be good for???
Definitely not for cutting!!!
But a wealthy ancient lady sitting in the armchair of her castles library-room would be amused with it and with the question what it could be good for, for the rest of her life. :confused:

Wolfgang :approve: :biggthump

12-03-04, 07:19 PM
I love it!!!
But then again my taste has allways beene a girly one :D
As for the price, if anyone buys it, the price is right ;)
Great photo also

12-03-04, 07:24 PM
If Maxim or Sergey are still reading us they would probably comment that to a Russian it looks like a simple, functional working knife.........



Jason Cutter
16-03-04, 01:59 AM
What Wrangler said ...

This is art !! Any resemblance to a knife is secondary... Bladeware meets jewellery - that seems to be the bottom line to me. Jason.

17-03-04, 03:51 PM
Sorry Coop,

I forgot to comment your work as a photograhper, it`s GREAT just as your other photos are. (Especially the one with the Whiskers Allen gents folder - you remember me? :confused: :D Wolfgang? Germany? ;) )
Im looking foreward to holding it in my hands!! :approve:

Best regards,

Wolfgang :biggthump

19-03-04, 08:06 PM
Hey Guys,

I forgot about this one. My piggybank won't cut it, either. EDC for Liberace, if HE was still alive. :)

I did find out there is a nail nick to partially open it, and then the thumbstud to finish the task. The truly rich and luxurious have time to spare. What's the rush??! ;)