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01-01-04, 11:59 PM
Clearing out some of my collection that hasn't seen any use in a while - Shame, but then it's a bigger shame not to use them...

First: Chiruwa Ang Kola by Himalayan Imports, this one was made by Bura (See their website: www.himalayan-imports.com). The Chiruwa designation is to do with the thickness of the Blade, this one is 9mm thick! So it's not just a knife, it's a Crow bar too! These knives are fashioned from the leaf springs from old Mercedes trucks. I have cut my way through a 4" fence post with this knife in a little over a minute - Not bad for a knife with an 11" blade! Both Karda and Chakma are present and in good condition as is the Hide covered Scabbard - It's a truly lovely knife and I'm only asking SOLD.

Secondly: 9" Ang Kola, also by Bura, not a Chiruwa but you'd really have to work at it to break this one (This knife has played it's part in depleting the supply of truck springs in Nepal too...). Karda and Chakma present and in good condition, as is the scabbard, only SOLD

Third: Al Mar Sere 2k - Now I'm gutted to sell this one, but I just can't justify keeping it. It's pristine, Box etc. It is simply the finest folder I have ever owned, and I've had more expensive ones. It's shaving sharp and the action is absolutely perfect - Extremely fast and locking absolutely solid - NO play. The only folder I've ever encountered that I would say would do duty as a backwoods knife. As I said, it's pristine, so if you check out Heinnie Haynes website, you'll see it's fair for me to ask 90 for this one, P&P inc.

Finally, FallKniven Northern Lights 'Njord'. I wish I could keep this, but my Girlfriend won't let it be! A wonderful knife, beautifully made and very strong (Laminated VG10/420)- Check it over here:

There a couple of very shallow abrasions on the blade - You can only see them because they run counter to the brush finish, so I'm asking SOLD
If you want pictures Email me: megalift@hotmail.com

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