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01-08-06, 10:53 PM
As Iíve only got 38 posts does that bar me from offering a pass around.

Uhmmm? Admin/Mods whaddaya say.

So, Iíve had this Becker BK7 for quite a while and itís never been used, never not once. I get a billhook out if it needs something big, after that a chainsaw.


Anyone want to play with it.

Iíve copied some rules from another thread, seem to be pretty usual, but with some amendments. (in B)

The Rules
This knife MUST travel RMSD at all times
When you post the knife, please post on the forum the tracking number.
When you receive the knife, please post it has arrived safely.
Fairly heavy abuse is permitted (but not intentional destruction)
Do not disassemble the knife, this will void its warranty. If it hits salty water then yes, take it apart and give it a lube.
You will have the knife for 2 weeks before passing it on. But try and give the next recipient a chance to play with it over a full weekend.
I understand delays can happen, if there is a problem getting to the post office, or a "personal emergency", please let us know.
If you think you have a good reason to keep it for ONE extra week max, eg. Going to live in Mid Wales with nowt but a loin cloth and a BK7 for a few days, please post and it will probably be agreeable. The next recipient wonít mind waiting.
Comments and reviews might be interesting. Please post.
Serious bit. Over 18 only and that 3" bit in public.
This passaround is open to people with a minimum of 100 posts only.
If you do not agree to this, please do not sign up.
This is an open ended passaround, as many peeps as wish, itís out as a virtually unbreakable tool so lets see how long it takes us to find it still useful / break it / get bored with it.

If you wish to participate please post below. Also, send me a PM marked Becker BK7. Please include the following information,-
Forum Name
Real Name
Phone Number (landline and mobile)
E mail address

I think I've got that all right, glaring c*ckups can be laughed at.

Right, Iím going for a cuppa and a ciggie. Back in a mo.

Amended to 2 weeks keep. Bit more time to play.

01-08-06, 10:58 PM
There is no reason why you cannot offer up a knife as a passaround so well done for the offer and good luck :)


23-09-06, 11:33 PM
You might want to hurry since the factory is shutting down...