View Full Version : ARC LSH "holding"

03-02-04, 01:07 PM
Having big hands I had found that when using my ARC LSH in the normal fist type grip I like to use for lights my little finger and part of edge of my palm kept getting in the way of the front of the torch and hence the beam.

I have relplaced the tiny split ring with a slightly larger one and clipped one of the little keyring type karabeners (sp?) about 2" long to that.

I have my trigger finger through the krab thumb poised over the button and the other three fingers fit just nicely round the barrel of the flashlight.

You sort of pull backwards a bit with the krab and it all seems to work really well.

Sad but true :D

04-02-04, 02:31 AM
Try a Glowring on there, it makes for a good grip if its between the fingers.