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03-04-03, 06:52 PM
Got home to find a large roll of something on the doorstep - turns out to be the 0.060 Kydex I ordered. I didn't know the stuff would roll... It is haircell pattern, is possibly charcoal rather than black (slightly greyer), and appears even across the bits I've unrolled so far.

Anyway - who wants some? Units of sq ft are easiest... 1 per plus postage (not that I have the faintest idea what that'll be yet - I may be able to get away with 1st class letter). Cheques are fine; POs are fine - although I would have thought that given the cost of getting them, cash wrapped up in some corrugated cardboard would be a less costly option.

There will be a slight delay in cutting it up - I need to find somewhere to unroll 8'x4' sheets!

Oddball sizes can be catered to, but it is easier (and hence infinitely preferred!) for me to lop it into 1'x1'.

03-04-03, 08:58 PM
Hi Peter,

I sent you an email about getting some Kydex.

03-04-03, 11:03 PM

04-04-03, 08:19 PM
Thanks for the E-mail. When you have figured out how to send it and how much mail will be I will send you the dosh.

Tried MSN and it crashed and now I can't sign on or get a new account. all I get is a "this page is not available". Don't know why:mad:

05-04-03, 12:28 PM

I've just sent you an email.


Shaun:D :D

Colin KC
05-04-03, 03:46 PM
Peter, you've got mail;)

05-04-03, 06:59 PM
Right, I've been to the post office (and weighed some Kydex).

1 sq ft comes in at about 200g - so, if my scales are sufficiently accurate, that'll cost 72p to post.

5 sq ft were about 930g - again, experimental error not withstanding (namely it being dificult to read my scales with a 1 foot sheet obscuring the display), that should be 3.49 for postage.

Recorded - if you want it - is an extra 63p.

*AND* I've gone and bought the best part of a ream of brown paper!

Colin - I've got some old drain pipe, would that do you? :D

(Other prices - 2 sheets should be 1.30, 3 2.00, 4 2.91 - more than 5 is 3.49 + 85p per, near enough).

Tip for the day - Kydex, when scored deeply, will snap cleanly when bent. This is considerably less physical effort than using a pair of EMT shears to cut the damn stuff... Oh, and direct comparison with a sheet from TKS - the stuff I have is only *very* slightly lighter. No, I can't put a Pantone number to it.

05-04-03, 07:00 PM
Oh yes - and a stack of mouse mats stuck together with contact cement, glued to a sheet of contiboard, makes a very nice press. Get the Kydex too hot and it'll overwrite the haircell pattern with the mousemat texture...

06-04-03, 03:25 PM
Right, it's all packaged up & ready to go...

I'm just a tad short of a couple of addresses - Shaun and Cybertrix, could you drop me an email/PM and let me know where to send it?


07-04-03, 02:28 PM
Well, in the post anyway.

Colin, Cybertrix, Shing - all delivered to the tender mercies of the post office.
Shaun - haven't seen an email or PM, so short of sending it to Gurushaun care of Craddocks, I can't get it to you!

07-04-03, 05:24 PM

It would probably find me with that...:D, but my full address is on its way to you:D



Colin KC
07-04-03, 05:28 PM
Cheque is whinging it's way to you (next time it'll be whining it's way to you:p )

08-04-03, 06:31 PM
Shing, Colin, Cybertrix - cheques & POs gratefully received. Please let me know when the Kydex arrives with you.

Shaun - yours definitely went in the post this lunchtime, so with a bit of luck, it should be with you tomorrow.

Colin KC
08-04-03, 06:46 PM
Peter,I think it arrived this morning with my Ipaq goodies;) , got to go to the PO to collect, do dat tomorrow morn:D

08-04-03, 06:47 PM
at 1 per Sq ft I am sorely tempted just to play..... haven't got a use for it yet ... but I think I could make one up .....

Mouse mats? ..... ..... sounds like you have all the facilities to make up a simple make shift Vac Former with you peter.

heat gun or straight out of the oven ......... base plate with lots of holes on top of a box, attached to one of your vacuum pumps?

still thinking:D

08-04-03, 07:27 PM
Hi Peter,

The Kydex arrived today. Thanks very much. I feel a lot of sheaths coming on when I get me eyelets and rivets from Le Prevo.

Colin KC
08-04-03, 08:06 PM
Make sure you get a load of chicago screws (& a few extras for everyone, I'll chip in;) )

08-04-03, 09:04 PM
Got loads left... :)
I'd *definitely* prefer to stick to 1 sq ft lumps, however!

Mouse mats? Whats that then? Optical all the way... I know, I know - no balls at all. (Actually - did you mean the mats I use for the press?)

Vac forming - pegboard, shop vac, oven - used it on polystyrene before to cobble some enclosures together. Not fantastic, but certainly usable results. Could be feasible with Kydex.

Glad it has arrived - have fun.

If you haven't ordered the Chicago screws yet, I'd certainly like some too!

At least it sounds as if Royal Mail haven't misplaced anything this time...

Colin KC
08-04-03, 09:32 PM
Actually, has anyone considered the balls in their mice?

Don't know what steel it is/might be, but may be worth a punt,


08-04-03, 09:41 PM
Got my kydex this morning. Thanks again.;)

Colin KC
08-04-03, 09:45 PM

Don't talk to me about vacuum moulding, or blow moulding, or re-processing, or I'll show you my scar!!!! (HDPE @ 650f (350ish c for you Simon):eek:

08-04-03, 10:06 PM

You show me yours and I will show you mine ;) ..... wow this sounds just like a rerun of Lethal Weapon 3 ..... who's gonna be Renne Russo?

oh and 343.333333333333 rec C :p

seriously though ..... what did you do?


I am not sure that the shop vac has the suck that a vacuum pump has ... or pegboard the seal either ... a fine perforated steel, like what RS do, would work superduper trooper. just make sure the box is all gasketed up with some silicone sealer so the only place it sucks is through da holes

and yes I did mean the press ...... i just though vac forming would be a better option than glueing mousemats together to make a press ....... i mean ..... think of you poor mouse without a mat, what will he sleep on at night?

Simon ... (who is now looking at his mouse balls in a very curious way)

Colin KC
08-04-03, 10:20 PM
Simon, I won't be Mel, If you promise not to be Rene:eek:

You have to take a knife to the rubber coating on the ball, a problem for you, I know, but for us Opti-guys, it's just a matter of recycling:D

08-04-03, 10:37 PM
Opti guy huh? ..... you show off :p .....

that leaves Danny Glover and Joe Pesci doesn't it?

08-04-03, 11:12 PM

Dosh on its way...Recorded Del....should be with you Wednesday...I'll let you know when the Kydex arrives. BTW if anyone has any chicago screws going then I'd be glad to share any costs.



08-04-03, 11:44 PM
I'm just about to order some rivets, eyelets and setting tools from Le Prevo in Tyne and Wear www.leprevo.co.uk. They have a 10 minimum charge.

I'll be happy to add to the order and distribute it if you let me know what you want by noon on Thursday.

I'm going to order some non scale compound from Brownells in the US as well, I'm going to get about 5, 1 pound tins at $20 per tin. The shipping cost is $25 per tin, if I can get a good deal on the shipping I'll be happy to order what people want and distribute it by post or at a venue we attend like Bisley for instance if you don't mind waiting.

09-04-03, 01:35 AM

You've got an email, let me know if you can help.



09-04-03, 06:46 AM
If you were looking for black screws, Pearce-Tandy do them at 2.50 for 10 (1/4" post).
18 per 100 for the plain brass ones.

09-04-03, 09:04 AM
Good point Peter, I'm getting the stuff from LePrevo they only do Chicargo screws in gilt or nickel plate in smal and large. I'll be happy to get them but have a look at the quantities on their web site www.leprevo.co.uk, it might be cheaper for you to order them directly if you want a lot.

Colin KC
09-04-03, 09:19 AM
Collected this morning Peter, thanks:D

09-04-03, 09:28 AM
I would have thought the best (for certain values of "best") thing to do was for everyone to agree on what sort they want (eg brass, 1/4") and get 100, then split them as many ways as people want?

That way there is the benefit of buying silly amounts at lower prices. Like the Kydex. This is something I'm keen to encourage - we pay so much for small quantities of the interesting bits we want/need. Perhaps it would be worth setting up a wishlist forum?

Incidentally - how do people like the Kydex? Can anyone see any major differences between that and the more expensive stuff? Oh - a warning - one or two pieces may have blue chalk dust on the back where I snapped a chalk line down for marking out. The stuff is a swine if you get it on fabric - apologies if I missed any.

09-04-03, 09:35 AM

Kydex arrived today, let me know when the dosh gets to you.

Thanks again :D :D


09-04-03, 09:41 AM
So it has all arrived then? Good, good.

BTW - Shing - watch Brownells on their shipping. They stung me for about $35 for an export admin charge on a chequering set that cost $80 - over and above the shipping. Not terribly impressed.

If you can get it from them reasonably, I'd be interested in a tin to try out.

09-04-03, 02:24 PM
I agree coordinating our purchases especially for overseas stuff where shipping is a significant proportion of the cost is a good idea.

Perhaps if people are going to order stuff they think other people may also want, they can post it up and give people the opportunity to chip in with their orders and spread the cost.

I will have to order some pulleys and white micarta from Sheffield Knife Supplies soon so I will let people know and they can chip in and get a bulk order going.

Just in case some people don't know, Brownells supply their cataloge FOC for knifemakers, it usually $10.

09-04-03, 03:58 PM
Got your email Shaun, no problem.

11-04-03, 09:20 AM
Morning Shaun -

Money arrived yesterday, thanks. Postman signed for it again... :mad:

11-04-03, 09:54 AM

I wonder if thats the same one that whipped my bloody SOG

SEAL 2000 last year:mad: :mad: Still I'm glad that you got the

money ok.



11-04-03, 10:05 AM
And your work card :)

D-day tomorrow... Just confirmed it is all fuelled up, cleaned up & ready to rock.

18-04-03, 11:51 PM
Peter - I will have a sheet or two to play with (I have a heat gun some where in the garage) I might try to make a sheath for my Shadow IV with it.

I will mail you from work next week to sort out the details.

what landy did you get in the end?

22-04-03, 07:00 AM
Harvey - NP. Let me know how much & I'll get it wrapped & sent (although probably not until this evening).

Even with the amount of messing about I'm doing, I still have loads left!!!

At the moment I'm trying to get a 4 AA cell holder to work properly - 4 cells glued together to act as a master, but I'm having a little bit of trouble with the holder gripping all 4 equally. Made up a Maglite holder for the D cell, uses a TekLok as a belt clip; I've made a few neck sheaths for folders; a couple of knife sheaths (not satisfied with them yet - should have made a paper pattern first); surprisingly, the most popular thing I've made has been holsters for secateurs!

There was an interesting variation on a Kydex sheath on the SHOT show report I posted a link to: it had a thin slot cut out on the edge side of the sheath so that - with the knife sheathed - it could be used as a line/webbing cutter.

The landy is a 110 hardtop 300TDi, blue, P reg - so practically brand new. Spent a chunk of Friday underneath it cleaning down the chassis & Waxoyling almost everything in sight (got some on the exhaust too - oops). My wife said that every bloke who walked past whilst I was doing it stopped to have a damn good stare - Land Rover, compressor, air tools... I'll probably take it to Bisley rather than the Volvo :D

22-04-03, 10:59 AM
Peter - what does the waxoil on the exhaust smell like when it heats up ? :D