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25-03-07, 10:48 PM
I just got one and my search did not produce a review so here is a limited
opinion. One of these:


First, the official blurb:

The Vapor series offers a unique "drilled" industrial design combined with
butter-smooth, one-handed, manual opening. The open handle is built of
heat-treated, high-strength 410 steel while the drilled design enhances the
knife's airy look and feel. The blade is made of premium AUS 6A stainless
steel. For extra strength, the blade is flat ground to Kershaw's famous,
"shaving sharp" edge. The blade opens manually as the user pushes on the
thumb stud and rotates the blade into position. A frame lock holds it securely
in position. Choose from two sizes and two finishes with straight or partially
serrated blades.


Steel: AUS6A stainless-steel
Handle: 410 stainless-steel
Blade Length: 3 in. (7.5 cm)
Closed Length: 4 in. (10.3 cm)
Overall Length: N/A
Weight: 3.25 oz.


Frame Lock
Thumb Stud
Pocket Clip

Now, my opinion. :D

First the negatives. Pocket clip is configured for tip-down carry and favours
the right-handed amongst us, as does the blade stud. The latter is held in
place by a Philips headed screw and mine has been burred. A one-off?

The clip is held in place bytwo round-headed Philips screws; flat heads would
have been better. Again, mine are burred. One-off or poor QC?

Pocket clip offers no alternatives.

The positives. Yes, the movement is genuinely "butter smooth" and opening
is a breeze. The blade is shaving sharp from the box.The frame lock is very

The knife survived a full exam of a 40 foot box of household effects with no
noticeable decline in perfomance. That was yesterday. Today it helped me
with another 40 foot box; this one was groupage. Varied packaging and
sealing. Again, the edge lasted the day. I'm not keen on metal scales in
the wet but it has been dry and this knife did what I wanted it to do.

I like: the sharpness. Blade was used hard but shows no marks.
I like: the looks. Used in front of Brit, Polish, Irish and Spanish drivers. None
of 'em batted an eyelid.
I like: the ergs. Feels good in the hand.
I don't like: the fixtures. Poorly presented imho.
I don't like: the clip. No options for carry.

Value for money? I paid 24 and I reckon that was a fair price for what I got.

Conclusion: a nice knife with some flaws but a user. Cheers, Parkman. :)