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04-04-04, 05:22 PM
http://home.no.net/tgwigen/salg/Thumbs/tn_130_3080.jpg http://home.no.net/tgwigen/salg/Thumbs/tn_130_3081.jpg
Blade: Three layers laminated with a smooth surface, handmade by Steen-Nielsen.
Handle: Masurbirch with brooch.
Brooch: Salmon of silvery pewter.
Ferrule: Buffalohorn, shim of silvery pewter.
Sheath: Rawhide center leather - relief salmon

Measure of length: Knife in sheath 22cm - Blade 75mm Handle 120 mm
Price: 120 (excl. freight)

For further details please send me an e-mail tgwigen@start.no or you can come to my homepage: http://home.no.net/tgwigen (http://home.no.net/tgwigen) for better pictures.

Sold ! :biggthump


04-04-04, 07:10 PM
I bought the last knife Thor had up for sale and I can thoroughly recommend it! It's beautifully made and comes with a first class sheath, wooden presentation box and description card finished off with a wax seal (as in the pic). Excellent value and very friendly!

Again - Highly recommended :biggthump

24-04-04, 10:09 AM
Thank you FAMILNE :biggthump

Brooch in the handle dosn't seem too popular among BB members. Anyway, I took two orders from some fishermen in Norway. Here they are:


Both are with with blade from Trond, handle of curly birch and ebony. Also they prefered the leather sheath with their initials, - "HA" and "ST" - instead of the salmon relief

http://home.no.net/tgwigen/131_3197.jpg http://home.no.net/tgwigen/132_3202.jpg.

Thank you both :thanks:

15-08-04, 01:06 PM
Knife sold. :biggthump