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10-04-07, 12:19 PM
having done a couple of scand stick tang type knives thought i'd have a go at a full tang knife.

ordered a frosts 90 mm blade from kniv-per for two reasons. 1. i liked the shape of the blade and 2. it came with the brass when other suppliers sold just the blade, one actually cost more as well!

Wood was a bit of an old chair, a couple of bits of which i gave to khimbar1 and stevie so if they see this they can get an idea of how it comes out.

then finally it is being soaked in a boiled linseed/spirits mix.


the above two pics show how i tried matching up the grain on each side. think it turned out alright.

in these two pics you can just about see the grain flowing backwards in to an arrow shape on the back and belly of the handle.
Suffered a bit of scorching of the wood when i was shaping but cleaned it up a bit.

overall happy with it. got some leather 9sq ft! and now got 4 sheaths to make so that should keep me quiet for a while and the wife happy.

ps. just looking at the post and the handle looks quite square, rest assured as there is enough shaping for it to be comfy in the hand.

Albert E
10-04-07, 01:13 PM
Nice work Cypher,it looks great!!Must fit the hand very well!!

10-04-07, 01:16 PM
Hey man thats a great looking knife. I like the laplander blades....your finished product puts mine to shame though, I was too chicken to try a bolster :rolleyes:

Great stuff :happy15:

10-04-07, 01:53 PM
looks good, nice clean lines too..

10-04-07, 03:08 PM
very nicve, although i just don't like the handle shape on the frosts blades, the wood looks great

10-04-07, 03:10 PM
Looks good to me.