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09-08-07, 07:45 PM
hi there i whas thinking of to show you the way i make a scandi sheath
most of it i have learn from roland strömberg one of the best maker in sweden i think
i vill start vith how i preper the knife handel and blade so we hopfully get that click when the knife goos in

one wood and one thinn paper 1 mm thath i putt on the blade with som tape the one with glu on both sides
http://http://www.picfury.com/2n/prpering knife1-1-th.JPG (http://www.picfury.com/2n/prpering knife1-1.html)

http://http://www.picfury.com/2n/1-2874-th.JPG (http://www.picfury.com/2n/1-2874.html)

here i have used som clay to make the bolster alain with the wood

http://http://www.picfury.com/2n/11-760-th.JPG (http://www.picfury.com/2n/11-760.html)

no clay at the backside

http://http://www.picfury.com/2n/12-663-th.JPG (http://www.picfury.com/2n/12-663.html)

time for wraping the knife i plastic folie. i have cut it in 4 cm pices to make it easy to roll on
20 times or more round the knife but not all the way up i stopp3 cm below were the stitches will end

http://http://www.picfury.com/2n/14-516-th.JPG (http://www.picfury.com/2n/14-516.html)

http://http://www.picfury.com/2n/15-430-th.JPG (http://www.picfury.com/2n/15-430.html)

http://http://www.picfury.com/2n/16-331-th.JPG (http://www.picfury.com/2n/16-331.html)

http://http://www.picfury.com/2n/16-331-th.JPG (http://www.picfury.com/2n/16-331.html)

here i have put som more plastic on the upper part but only3-4 times around
we ar going to take this away later as the leather gett dry

next time i will show you how i do the paper template

10-08-07, 06:04 PM
the paper template

a pice of paper velded on the middle

http://http://www.picfury.com/2n/1-2876-th.JPG (http://www.picfury.com/2n/1-2876.html)http://www.picfury.com/img/banner7.png (http://www.picfury.com/index.php?reff=1575)

marking the line after knife shape i use ths one but the nails is as good

http://http://www.picfury.com/2n/DSCF0705-2-th.JPG (http://www.picfury.com/2n/DSCF0705-2.html)

here i have added 5mm ,2 times the leather thicknes
on the upper part of the handle i have 3mm extra for the belt loop

http://http://www.picfury.com/2n/DSCF0706-1-th.JPG (http://www.picfury.com/2n/DSCF0706-1.html)

template reddy to trasfer to the leather

http://http://www.picfury.com/2n/DSCF0707-2-th.JPG (http://www.picfury.com/2n/DSCF0707-2.html)

11-08-07, 06:10 AM
here is the leather .2,2 mm rawhide i think thats the best leather to use on a scandi you cudd use shft leather to but it dont gett as hard as rawhide

http://http://www.picfury.com/2n/DSCF0708-1-th.JPG (http://www.picfury.com/2n/DSCF0708-1.html)http://www.picfury.com/img/banner7.png (http://www.picfury.com/index.php?reff=1575)

cutt the leather vith an angel of 30dgr if you stand propper and have a verry sharp knife you be able to make it in one cut (verry hard to cut in dry raw hide)

http://http://www.picfury.com/2n/DSCF0710-2-th.JPG (http://www.picfury.com/2n/DSCF0710-2.html)

http://www.picfury.com/img/banner7.png (http://www.picfury.com/index.php?reff=1575)

time to make the holes i use a awl with a cutting eddge
no more then 3 mm betven them

http://http://www.picfury.com/2n/DSCF0711-2-th.JPG (http://www.picfury.com/2n/DSCF0711-2.html)

lean the awl 30 dgr

http://http://www.picfury.com/2n/DSCF0712-2-th.JPG (http://www.picfury.com/2n/DSCF0712-2.html)http://www.picfury.com/img/banner7.png (http://www.picfury.com/index.php?reff=1575)

make the leather thinner here i use a disc grinder

http://http://www.picfury.com/2n/DSCF0713-2-th.JPG (http://www.picfury.com/2n/DSCF0713-2.html)http://www.picfury.com/img/banner7.png (http://www.picfury.com/index.php?reff=1575)

after that i putt it in some hand warm wather for 2- 4 min
then i put it in a plastic bag and let it rest for 1 hour befor sewing it

time to sew it
i use a syntetic thread that i have splitt 3 times to get it thinner
the length is 5 times the sheath
http://http://www.picfury.com/2n/DSCF0715-1-th.JPG (http://www.picfury.com/2n/DSCF0715-1.html)http://www.picfury.com/img/banner7.png (http://www.picfury.com/index.php?reff=1575)

start with the right neddle puch trou both holes leave a bitt of thread se pic
then the left one half the way and twist the right thread around the neddle 3 times
and pull now you have it lockt go on like this to the topp and then back 3 holes and make a knot inside the sheath

http://http://www.picfury.com/2n/DSCF0716-2-th.JPG (http://www.picfury.com/2n/DSCF0716-2.html)http://www.picfury.com/img/banner7.png (http://www.picfury.com/index.php?reff=1575)

http://http://www.picfury.com/2n/DSCF0717-2-th.JPG (http://www.picfury.com/2n/DSCF0717-2.html)http://www.picfury.com/img/banner7.png (http://www.picfury.com/index.php?reff=1575)

seewing reddy hmm looks like a banana
http://http://www.picfury.com/2n/DSCF0718-2-th.JPG (http://www.picfury.com/2n/DSCF0718-2.html)http://www.picfury.com/img/banner7.png (http://www.picfury.com/index.php?reff=1575)

http://http://www.picfury.com/2n/DSCF0719-2-th.JPG (http://www.picfury.com/2n/DSCF0719-2.html)http://www.picfury.com/img/banner7.png (http://www.picfury.com/index.php?reff=1575)

http://http://www.picfury.com/2n/DSCF0720-1-th.JPG (http://www.picfury.com/2n/DSCF0720-1.html)http://www.picfury.com/img/banner7.png (http://www.picfury.com/index.php?reff=1575)

marking upp where to cutt it

http://http://www.picfury.com/2n/DSCF0722-2-th.JPG (http://www.picfury.com/2n/DSCF0722-2.html)http://www.picfury.com/img/banner7.png (http://www.picfury.com/index.php?reff=1575)

http://http://www.picfury.com/2n/DSCF0721-1-th.JPG (http://www.picfury.com/2n/DSCF0721-1.html)http://www.picfury.com/img/banner7.png (http://www.picfury.com/index.php?reff=1575)

11-08-07, 12:03 PM
time to putt on the strop for the Dring
http://http://www.picfury.com/2n/DSCF0724-2-th.JPG (http://www.picfury.com/2n/DSCF0724-2.html)http://www.picfury.com/img/banner7.png (http://www.picfury.com/index.php?reff=1575)
http://http://www.picfury.com/2n/DSCF0725-2-th.JPG (http://www.picfury.com/2n/DSCF0725-2.html)http://www.picfury.com/img/banner7.png (http://www.picfury.com/index.php?reff=1575)

http://http://www.picfury.com/2n/DSCF0726-2-th.JPG (http://www.picfury.com/2n/DSCF0726-2.html)http://www.picfury.com/img/banner7.png (http://www.picfury.com/index.php?reff=1575)

http://http://www.picfury.com/2n/DSCF0727-2-th.JPG (http://www.picfury.com/2n/DSCF0727-2.html)http://www.picfury.com/img/banner7.png (http://www.picfury.com/index.php?reff=1575)

http://http://www.picfury.com/2n/DSCF0728-2-th.JPG (http://www.picfury.com/2n/DSCF0728-2.html)http://www.picfury.com/img/banner7.png (http://www.picfury.com/index.php?reff=1575)

home made tool to fix the stitches just putt over the stitches and pull upp and down
http://http://www.picfury.com/2n/DSCF0729-2-th.JPG (http://www.picfury.com/2n/DSCF0729-2.html)http://www.picfury.com/img/banner7.png (http://www.picfury.com/index.php?reff=1575)

it will look like this
http://http://www.picfury.com/2n/DSCF0731-2-th.JPG (http://www.picfury.com/2n/DSCF0731-2.html)http://www.picfury.com/img/banner7.png (http://www.picfury.com/index.php?reff=1575)
http://http://www.picfury.com/2n/DSCF0732-3-th.JPG (http://www.picfury.com/2n/DSCF0732-3.html)http://www.picfury.com/img/banner7.png (http://www.picfury.com/index.php?reff=1575)

http://http://www.picfury.com/2n/DSCF0733-2-th.JPG (http://www.picfury.com/2n/DSCF0733-2.html)http://www.picfury.com/img/banner7.png (http://www.picfury.com/index.php?reff=1575)

dying greeyhttp://http://www.picfury.com/2n/DSCF0734-3-th.JPG (http://www.picfury.com/2n/DSCF0734-3.html)http://www.picfury.com/img/banner7.png (http://www.picfury.com/index.php?reff=1575)

http://http://www.picfury.com/2n/DSCF0735-2-th.JPG (http://www.picfury.com/2n/DSCF0735-2.html)http://www.picfury.com/img/banner7.png (http://www.picfury.com/index.php?reff=1575)

11-08-07, 01:59 PM
I always appreciate it when people post their making progress as i hepls me immensely to fill the conceptual gaps in the making process. And i'm a visual person rather than a instruction reader.

look at the logo box and throw the instructions away :lol:

thanks greger

11-08-07, 07:26 PM
last pic now hope i havent bore you out
http://http://www.picfury.com/2n/DSCF0736-2-th.JPG (http://www.picfury.com/2n/DSCF0736-2.html)http://www.picfury.com/img/banner7.png (http://www.picfury.com/index.php?reff=1575)

http://http://www.picfury.com/2n/DSCF0737-2-th.JPG (http://www.picfury.com/2n/DSCF0737-2.html)http://www.picfury.com/img/banner7.png (http://www.picfury.com/index.php?reff=1575)

http://http://www.picfury.com/2n/DSCF0738-2-th.JPG (http://www.picfury.com/2n/DSCF0738-2.html)http://www.picfury.com/img/banner7.png (http://www.picfury.com/index.php?reff=1575)

11-08-07, 08:58 PM
very informative! still dont recon i could do it !

11-08-07, 09:19 PM
i think you can if you just let it take som time and not hurry

14-08-07, 11:49 PM
Very nice work , and a great tutorial.

Jerry Fisher

15-08-07, 12:16 AM
Very good tutorial!

16-08-07, 08:49 PM
That is a very good tutorial, I'm a real newcomer when it comes to leatherwork. That's very helpful


23-08-07, 05:46 PM
Hey!!.....Boss people!!

I really think this would be good in the tutorials or as a sticky:)

Its really helpfull....its certainly shown me things i have wanted to know for ages.

Just a thought guys.

Excellent tutorial Greger....thanks mate;)

24-08-07, 09:54 AM
Cracking tutorial and a different method to Gerd's (Tvividr) so very interesting to see.

It looks to be an 'easier' method too.

Really very helpful, thank you.

Nylunds knives
26-08-07, 10:00 PM
Thank you very mych! exactly what I needed.

26-08-07, 10:08 PM
Excellent tutorial Greger, and a really nice knife !!

29-08-07, 06:39 PM
thank you all for the kinde words
it wasent my mening to make a tutorial just cudent stop taking pic
just glad if it commes to anny help

22-02-08, 03:40 PM
Mods and admin!!

This should be in tutorials or a sticky. imho.

Its brilliant....and from a master as well:)

Just a thought guys.

22-02-08, 03:47 PM
It certainly should, consider it stuck.
Great sheath and a beautiful knife