View Full Version : Rats..............SwampRats infestation!

17-07-04, 12:32 AM
Nico sent me these two rats so I could see what I'd have to start saving my money for! Thought I'd shoot a couple of pics now that they were here!
Both are great knives and I really had to force myself to pack them down and tape the box! *sniff*!




Forgot to mention, that the Rat Tail is the first "japanese cord wrapped" knife I have ever seen "live". I like the look, but don't really know about the feel of it!

17-07-04, 03:16 PM
Forgot to mention, that I had both knives over for resharpening. The D2 Safari Skinner is a breeze to sharpen just like the Bog Dog I tried my hand on some time ago. The grind is pretty steep (as it should be) and once sharpened and stropped, the D2 really bites!
But man.....the SR-101 Rat Tail presented a challenge!
It's a very stout little knife with a narrow blade and if I wasn't mistaking too much, the angles were around 25 degrees on each side.
Had it been my knife, I think I would have thinned down the edge a bit to around 20 degrees pr. side.
Since it wasn't, I just touched it up, but it took me ten times longer than with the Skinner! Strange! :confused: