View Full Version : Hamon on a Damascus blade ?

01-09-08, 08:08 PM
how do!:) .
Have anyone here on BB made a hamon on a damascus blade, or seen one.

would the hamon be visible on a damascus background ?.

if it's not been done, it would be an interesting project.
saying that though, a proper japanese sword is laminated to aprox 1 million layers, but that is done with the same type of steel so you do not get the dramatic contrasts as when using ie, carbon and nickel steel.

love to hear your views

01-09-08, 08:15 PM
i don't know if it has been done but i think it might just get to messy but it might work with a very pimple pattern. But try it out Matt :)

Daniel CL.

01-09-08, 08:39 PM
I can't :C
I live just at the outskirt of Manchester, can't be making all that lovely anvil noise, neigbours would kill me, besides, all my gear is in Sweden,
I'll have to wait till we move back there.

:sad53: oh my lovely forge, my anvil and all you sweet hammers,
I miss you so!:sad53:

Colin KC
01-09-08, 08:55 PM
Depending on the steel, it can be done, I've had hamons on damascus blades, sometimes by design:


It's ok if it comes out as a nice swoopy "s" though it's better on a plain blade:


01-09-08, 08:59 PM
somebody got a hamon on some cable Damascus once , and I still view that as the most beautiful blade Ive ever seen.

Will see if I can dig up the link.

01-09-08, 09:07 PM

Or at least it might be a hamon :rolleyes: .

01-09-08, 09:31 PM
Colin thank you for the pictures.
the damascus one with hamon is very interesting,
the plain steel knife have got a stunning Hamon, very nice :)

And the blade by Tacol is beautiful, never thought cable could give such lovely pattern.

Howard Clark
01-09-08, 10:13 PM
Not only possible, but the variations are endless. You can have a hamon in one kind of steel in your damascus, or two, or all; and still see colour differences between them. If you want to, and understand the principles involved.