View Full Version : Sylvestris Raynard In Damascus

Lord Farquhar
24-11-04, 12:08 PM
I have been footering about with this Design foe a little while now. I desided to do one in damascus steel.

Its a Sylvestris Raynard ie 6'' total length made from predominatly 1095 damascus in a pattern dave said is Mohamads Ladder.


I experimented with some file work on the back.


The handle is made from Jade green corian then a black spacer then rec stone (lapis i think) then black spacer and some unknown wood.

I got the wood free from someone and i have mailed them to see what it is but no reply...

Any ideas?

The knife has 2 mosaick pins and a lanyard hole.

The corian has been slightly shaped and it seems to alter the whole apperance of the knife.


Dave Barker
24-11-04, 12:16 PM
AS i said earlier, for me it is a little too busy.

the wood looks like WENGE.

The knife itself looks good.

you could be on a winner here.. Just my opinion.

24-11-04, 12:31 PM
Beautiful, I really like that!..think the stone is Turquoise though, Lapis is the deep midnight blue one.


Lord Farquhar
24-11-04, 01:47 PM
any takers on the wood?
I like it and i want some more!

Lord Farquhar
24-11-04, 01:53 PM

wenge it is i think look at the gum pores...

Dave Barker
26-11-04, 09:07 AM
So Mozzi,
you have made a load of trial pieces, about time you put them out for testing is it not? I am sue that there will be no shortage of taker to do this.

Lord Farquhar
26-11-04, 10:57 AM
who wana be a tester and how much will you cost for a good review? :)

26-11-04, 11:12 AM
who wana be a tester and how much will you cost for a good review? :)

I'd test it, but you couldn't afford to pay for a review (so I'd do it for free) :rotfl:

Lord Farquhar
26-11-04, 11:19 AM
I'd test it, but you couldn't afford to pay for a review (so I'd do it for free) :rotfl:

ok your on.

pm me an addy :)

26-11-04, 11:24 AM
Crikey!!! PM coming at ya

26-11-04, 05:12 PM
Arternoon 'yer Lordship, Gor bless.

You know I like and admire your knives and in the new year I will be looking to buy one from you.


I don't like this one. It looks very well made but to me the different handle sections detract from each other, rather than contribute to the whole. Perhaps one would work, although the lapis being Turqoise against wood screams Navajo or Apache and that may not be your intention. Although I like that. The corian I don't like at all.

Still, it is an impressive piece of craftsmanship and I reckon Boaty will report back very positively as you do seem to have the feeling for a working knife.

Thanks for sharing!



Lord Farquhar
06-12-04, 12:30 PM
its up on ebay
you can buy now at 65

PM me if interested