View Full Version : Prolific Slippy Makers

21-08-09, 04:03 PM
Is it my imagination or is there a lack of prolific slippy makers in these shores?

I have recently picked up a used Shing, which I am very pleased with, but try as I might I am not a terrifically patient person. I am contemplating another slippy with DI scales and I am wondering who to approach. Someone who is unlikely to take many months over making something would be prefered.

Any nods in the right direction would be appreciated, on or off forum.

Thanks a lot.

21-08-09, 04:09 PM
Put a request in the wanted ads and see what turns up?

Lots of second hand sales are mint condition unused collectors knives

This is a Tod Davison slippy in ats 34 and DI

and here's a Shing slippy in S30V and DI

or Look at what Pennillion has in makers sales

21-08-09, 04:51 PM
Top one looks really nice.

I have put up a Wanted advert. Lets see what floats to the top!