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24-09-09, 02:11 PM

Another one that doesn't get used anymore so it's time to sell.

A nice using knife from La Coutellerie de Laguiole, trademark Laguiole de l Artisan. Category Prestige so it has better fit & finish and construction than standard range. Details here: http://www.layole.com/uk/boutique/gammes/familles_1.php?ID_famille=2

Blade is 9,5 cm and in Sandvik 12C27, a good steel as I'm sure is known by all. Takes a very good edge very easily, passes the dry-shaving test. Yep, I tried it, no I didn't bleed and yes I cleaned the blade afterwards. :D

Handle in dark snakewood, brass liners and bolsters. Handle length 12 cm. Spring has some chiselling but nothing too extravagant, polished on the inside. This model has a bladestop built in the design. Good action and snap but not a nail-breaker. Forged massive "bee" at the end of spring.

Used for light cutting tasks in office work, food prep and picnics mostly and well looked-after. When I retired it from use I gave the blade a new surface polish to try my skills at hand finishing with fine emery paper. Result is a nifty polish you could use as shaving mirror but there are fine lines and small scratches that can be seen when observed against the light.

I'll throw in also a leather pocket sheath and of course the warranty card/certificate of authenticity. I purchased this one in February 2008 which is marked on the card with other details. Manufacturer offers a lifetime guarantee for normal use, plenty of that left.

Price is 52 Euros shipped in Europe, SOLD PayPal fees included. Standard conditions of course, no sale to under 18's, know your local laws before committing to purchase etc.

26-09-09, 11:42 AM
Couple of more photos, getting a hang of the camera thing.



Oily rag does not come with the knife, apologies. :)