View Full Version : F1 mini project.

14-12-09, 06:14 PM
Hi All,

This is my first post outside of the introductions so I apologise if this had been asked before.

I decided a while ago that I fancied have a stab (to pun intended!) at making my own fixed blade with hunting and bushcraft mainly in mind but with limited time I decided on getting a decent blank.

My Good mate and all round north eastern origined nutcase Ken (Uk-ken) kindly offered me an F1 blank (a knife I nearly bought before the prices went up-us yorkshiremen don't like prices going up!:mad: )
So, all this is new to me as you can probably gather but I want to do this only once and then use it forever! firstly I would like to put a handle on it, I would like some really nice wood for this and any advice and info would be gratefully taken onboard on what to use, but I would like something with plenty of character, just like me!:]

Also the other items, adhesives/expoxys? spacers? and the rivets/pins for the scales and the lanyard hole.

If anyone can supply any of these (in exchange for some of course)

I intend to get a custom sheath for it too, Ken had given me the heads up on members to ask to make one but again, open to any offers if anyone want that job?

I think I can manage the lanyard!!

Many thanks in advance