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  1. Walkies

    This might be a blog post -I'm not sure how this annex to the forum works, so bear with me or ignore me as appropriate

    It's just an index post to walk report threads I've put up over the years. Blog posts are limited in image content (10 per post I think, cf 25 in an ordinary forum post) Hence just links to threads.
    If links are limited too...there goes this idea! Time to press 'post' and find out. If it works I'll annotate the index a little.

    Another-Aborted-Cairngorm-DayTrip ...

    Updated 03-04-17 at 03:42 PM by Basemetal

  2. link to guide in previous post

    Link to the guide in previous post, im still abit new here and learning, should have post this in same post but forgot ^^
  3. Step by step knifemaking with styrefors blade and mammoth handle

    Quote Originally Posted by Alexanderċhl View Post
    Hello everyone!

    I got back to knifemaking again after a few years of inactivity, im going to take my knifemaking 1 step further than before so i tought sharing how i work would be a good idea. Hopefully i will inspire someone here at BB and perhaps get some inspiration myself from other makers.

    I dont have alot of machines atm so i would love to hear what you guys think i should get next!(atm im restricted to what i have because i dont have any space..but i will soon!)
  4. Lansky help

    Quote Originally Posted by Basemetal View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by danbow View Post
    Well I am crap at sharpening so I thought the Lansky would be my saviour. It has on my Gerber, reprofiled and now lovely, but my Comrade was still plenty sharp in places so I just wanted to touch it up. Think I've bloody ruined it.
    No you haven't ruined it... knives can take much more abuse than this
    What you need to do with the Lansky is reduce the number of variables in play so you get some easy consistency. Off the top of my head (since I use one a lot)...
  5. I shall call you 'Squishy', you shall be mine, and you shall be my squishy! [update]

    Managed to forget about this ><

    Managed to get my hands on a extrema ratio bf2 td dp finally!
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