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  1. Lansky help

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    Well I am crap at sharpening so I thought the Lansky would be my saviour. It has on my Gerber, reprofiled and now lovely, but my Comrade was still plenty sharp in places so I just wanted to touch it up. Think I've bloody ruined it.
    No you haven't ruined it... knives can take much more abuse than this
    What you need to do with the Lansky is reduce the number of variables in play so you get some easy consistency. Off the top of my head (since I use one a lot)...
  2. I shall call you 'Squishy', you shall be mine, and you shall be my squishy! [update]

    Managed to forget about this ><

    Managed to get my hands on a extrema ratio bf2 td dp finally!
  3. Ramble 2

    OK, ramble number 2.

    I have just started a thread about my new delivery of steel from Cromwells. Very impressed I am. Ordered it on Sunday afternoon and it was delivered on Tuesday afternoon. After much, and I mean MUCH, deliberation, I ordered some 3mm x 25mm and some 4mm x 50mm O1. I really want to make a folder, or 5. I have read alsorts and followed just about every thread on bulding folders.

    There was a fantastic site that Grace, from our own parish, had done ...
  4. my ramblings.

    Never done a blog before. Don't really know what to put in it, but here goes.

    All comments welcome by the way.

    I got talking to a mate in work the other day about what we do in our free time. Now let me just say, I don't get a lot of free time, I have 4 kids, a house that needs lots of work doing to it and a demanding wife. Anyway, it came out that I have started to make a knife. Now I started this knife quite a while ago. Mate at work has been on holiday for a few ...
  5. I shall call you 'Squishy', you shall be mine, and you shall be my squishy! #2

    I have decided numbers 9 and 10 shall be a stiletto and a rapier. Blades from a more civilized and gentlemanly time

    To hell with what my family thinks
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