• Getting a grip on the Spyderco Techno.

    Let's get this right out there... I love this Little Big Knife. And "little" kind of doesn't apply.
    The Techno is a Spyderco collaboration with the Polish knife maker Marcyn Slysz. I've been lusting after this one since the first prototype pics emerged after the Amsterdam meet.

    My wild-eyed postie finally delivered the goods on Saturday. Interesting fellow. Another story.

    Right away, in the hand, I know this is a keeper for me. The handle is short, but very stout. It sits comfortably and securely in my very big paw.
    What a difference it makes to have a little more heft, and a little more girth on a short knife.
    Add to that the edges and lumps and bumps that provide secure purchase in your grip.

    The looks are all business. I've been in construction my whole life, and I can tell you, this looks and feels like a heavy-duty tool.
    The only bit of whimsey is the blue G-10 back spacer. Not exactly a giddy choice; just a nice counterpoint to the blasted ti monochrome of the rest of the knife.
    The jimping on the blade matches the pattern on the G-10... Not sharp like a file, but large and smooth and for a reason, like a gear.

    My touchstone for a working EDC lately has been a Native 5. A fair bit longer in the handle. And in overall blade length.
    Actual length of the cutting edge of the blade is another matter. And kind of a surprise.
    Taking a measurement of the sharpened edge only, they are almost identical.
    2 - 7-16" for the Techno. 2 - 9/16" for the Native.

    Let's throw in a couple other EDC stalwarts for comparison.

    A small Insingo. (2 - 13/16" sharpened cutting edge.)

    A Leaf Storm. (2-1/4" sharpened cutting edge.)

    The perennial gentleman's knife: the Mnandi. The Techno is uh, different.

    The Techno's full-flat grind blade is Carpenter Steel. CTS XHP. Been wanting to have a peek at that, after hearing all the chatter. I'm not a steel expert, but I know sharp-as-**** when I see it.
    This is sharp-as-****.
    It push cuts through flimsy credit card tape receipts like a laser. Not what you'd expect from a blade this thick at the fat edge. (4.5mm.) The stout blade as it appears in these pictures is not an optical illusion.
    It's a mug.

    Fit and finish? I can't find a flaw or anything amiss. They seem to have hit all the markers. The edges of the G-10 and Ti are seamlessly joined. The action is just right.
    The thing locks up with a resonant thud. Just a beautiful sound. If someone on this design team was tasked with making the lockup sound and feel as good as it possibly could, they succeeded.
    You kind of have to hear and feel it to understand.

    A purposeful knife if ever there was. (The purpose being an EDC with great big pills.)
    Here's one last shot...

    I'll end with a metaphor:
    Don't let size fool you.
    If the Techno was a Scotsman instead of a knife, it would be this guy.
    Equating size with toughness would just get you a head-butt and a bloody nose.

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    1. Le Coutographe's Avatar
      Le Coutographe -
      Great knife !! and I love the last picture too here's mine
    1. Schtu25's Avatar
      Schtu25 -
      That is one gorgeous looking knife. I bet she feels as good as she looks
    1. Euc.marginata's Avatar
      Euc.marginata -
      The mack truck of knives.
    1. Doorkeeper's Avatar
      Doorkeeper -
      Lovely knife! Wish the blue was black or silver though...
    1. Paul W's Avatar
      Paul W -
      Quote Originally Posted by Doorkeeper View Post
      Lovely knife! Wish the blue was black or silver though...
      Anything but the blue.

      Orange for a trendy look, carbon fibre would add a touch of class.
    1. Uriel's Avatar
      Uriel -
      Damn you, sir - you've made me want one even more than I did before reading your review! My PayPal account has started to itch...

      It's gotta be said too that the Taichung factory produces knives of a rather superlative fit and finish. My Gayle Bradley comes from there and it's as well put together as my Ti UKPK from Golden.
    1. Euc.marginata's Avatar
      Euc.marginata -
      Ok where do I get one?
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