• Making a knife using very basic tools - MOVIE


    I created this movie for people that want to start knifemaking adventure
    It's a budget project - please take a look and say what do You think

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    1. Dougie's Avatar
      Dougie -
      Great video and very inspiring. The only thing which prevents me trying is the lack of a forge!
    1. spader's Avatar
      spader -
      Awesome video. Thank you.
    1. Dirtskirt's Avatar
      Dirtskirt -
      Thanks for this important Basic Video.

      Regards Dirk
    1. codshead's Avatar
      codshead -
      great video ,informative, good job. many thanks.
    1. Crafty's Avatar
      Crafty -
      top Vid good simple explanations...more of the same please!
    1. Zoid's Avatar
      Zoid -
      I just watched your video and found it very interesting, thanks!
    1. Nortoncb's Avatar
      Nortoncb -
      Nice video! Good use of the flap disk for shapping the handle.thanks
    1. N1911's Avatar
      N1911 -
      Just what I needed, thank you very much for a cracking video.
    1. Fiore de Liberi's Avatar
      Fiore de Liberi -
      Really good job, i am moving to united states from italy and i don't have my tools anymore now... but you made my wish to restart from the beginning a lot stronger!!!! Thanks
    1. rowanh's Avatar
      rowanh -
      Quote Originally Posted by Dougie View Post
      Great video and very inspiring. The only thing which prevents me trying is the lack of a forge!

      Check out the diy forge videos on youtube, easy enough to make something to heat treat blades.

    1. Samson's Avatar
      Samson -
      excellent video dude! knife looks great too
    1. Coun3boy's Avatar
      Coun3boy -
      Fantastic tutorial! Really makes me want to start my own little project..........
      Keep up the good work!
    1. paddy's Avatar
      paddy -
      That was really excellent thank you.
      im very inspired by this ..
    1. blackthorn13's Avatar
      blackthorn13 -
      Quote Originally Posted by paddy View Post
      That was really excellent thank you.
      im very inspired by this ..
      A really good video it inspires me to try making knives again just one thing though I don't want to sound like your nanny but please cover the point and cutting edge with a few layers of gaffer /masking tape when its left in the vice or on the bench it is so easy to rip yourself by accident. If you should go for something on the bench your hand is moving pretty fast and fingers up to forearms are vulnerable, I speak from experience .
    1. Dave Bone's Avatar
      Dave Bone -
      Excellent video
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