• Micarta Scales - My Way

    Over the last few years I have made a number of fixed blade knives by moulding home made micarta directly to the tang of the knife. I have made full tang knives bolstered knives and stick tangs, mostly successful if not perfect.

    The simplest handle to make is on a full tang blade. Putting a handle on a stick tang is very similar so I will cover both these methods in this tutorial. Bolstered full tang knives I will cover later if people are interested. Bolstered stick tangs I havenít managed to make reliably yet!

    I am nowhere near to perfecting the technique but how I do it is simple and reliable. I hope others will give it a go and try out some new ideas too.

    Here are some of the knives I have made using this technique and while preparing this Tutorial

    I will start with the actual moulding process. I will add the boring but useful details later, please read them if you are going to have a go!

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