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    1. Phil's Avatar
      Phil -
      Very swish Martin. Good work there, the wife is in IT so I know how much effort this has taken to do. Thankyou! We'll all be used to it in no time, change is no fun at my age but... Luckily (?) I'm off work with flu so can get used to it and enjoy!
    1. TallNHairyDave's Avatar
      TallNHairyDave -
      Looks great Martyn! Thanks for all the work you and the admin team have put into the upgrade.
    1. deovolens's Avatar
      deovolens -
      Very nice and clean design, congratulations for the staff
    1. MagiKelly's Avatar
      MagiKelly -
      Have fun. I only had two 12 hour days at it before I got almost to where I wanted SotP I am sure you will have less hassle though since you actually know what you are doing.
    1. screaming skull's Avatar
      screaming skull -
      Very slick boss
    1. stretch3144's Avatar
      stretch3144 -
      Until I did a google search for BB I thought the site had crashed or something as my links to it won't work! However, now I've found it, the new look looks very interesting. Good luck to all involved with the transition - I hope its not too stressful.
    1. tree frog's Avatar
      tree frog -
      Very nice! Its clear, it's bright and it's easier to read. I think you and the team should be very happy with the upgrade, i am and i'm sure others are also.
    1. rlocock's Avatar
      rlocock -
      Looking good.
    1. Lumalee's Avatar
      Lumalee -
      Cheers Martyn, its a fresh new look for the new year, wont take long for peeps to get used to it. Keep up the effort, its a great site Lee
    1. theskenic's Avatar
      theskenic -
      Congratulatios Martyn. A nice, bright clean looking site. Good job. Congratulatios also to all the members that post here. The pictures, tutorials and comments are not to be missed. A great site has been made even better. Brian.
    1. Potatohead's Avatar
      Potatohead -
      Nice One Martyn,

      A lot easier on the Eyes. I do miss the old header a bit though. Was quite classy.

      Seems to be faster now too.

      Off to re-orientate myself
    1. jameswood's Avatar
      jameswood -
      very nice, we better start making some more tutorial to go on the front page, miss the old bb though
    1. Moodino's Avatar
      Moodino -
      Well. I'm shocked. No doubt the new back-end is smoother, more efficient and perhaps cheaper to run, but Geez! BB's former dark black UI was one of my favorites and as a Web pro, it's nice to land in a sexy UI. Please help me understand why I'm feeling this way, but I congratulate you if this is what you want and need.
      Thanks for the kind hosting BTW.
    1. razor600's Avatar
      razor600 -
      I like it.
    1. kenj's Avatar
      kenj -
      Very Nice Martyn much easier on the eye sight.
    1. Norfolkjohn's Avatar
      Norfolkjohn -
      As a new member,i find this site both informative & easy to use. And the advice given both helpful
      and appreciated.
    1. mantzao's Avatar
      mantzao -
      Hi guys,
      Im a new member and ive been reading some of your threads. I may say i find this site very usefull and very informative for anyone who likes knives. Still, I dont know how to post threads and things that i want for or that i want to trade/buy!
      Could use some help.

    1. snapgus's Avatar
      snapgus -
      Hello, I'm a new member and I'm very new to this business. I have some knives that I wish to sell and would appreciate any help/responses on how to post some adds...
      I hope everyone has a very happy new year
    1. fluffy's Avatar
      fluffy -
      Quote Originally Posted by snapgus View Post
      Hello, I'm a new member and I'm very new to this business. I have some knives that I wish to sell and would appreciate any help/responses on how to post some adds...
      I hope everyone has a very happy new year
      First become a contributing member.

      subscribe button is on the homepage
    1. monkey edge's Avatar
      monkey edge -
      Excellent. Very well done. Thoroughly thought out. A pleasure to navigate.
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