• Tutorial: Wood sheath with leather braids

    Tutorial of wood sheat with leather braids.

    Photos of the ready sheaths:

    I have added some English text to photos.
    I'm sorry, I haven't any tutorials with English text, only with Finnish text.
    But however photos show the ways to make that sheats in that tutorial.

    Here is the link to Finnish tutorial.

    Wooden sheat with leather

    I hope that those pages will open all around the world.

    Perhaps some later I can add English text too ?

    Here below I joint someone photos of that wooden-sheat making:

    In my Damask gallery are some that kind sheats with knives too.
    Here you can open it by this link:

    Damask gallery

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    1. Basemetal's Avatar
      Basemetal -
      Thanks for that Eelis
      We've promoted your post to an Article on our Homepage .
    1. John56's Avatar
      John56 -
      Wonderful design and workmanship Eelis, thanks for showing.
    1. Eelis's Avatar
      Eelis -
      To this tutorial "Wooden sheat with leather braids" I have added someone photos and texts too.
    1. ovid's Avatar
      ovid -
      Very cool idea. I'd like to have a go at that. Reminds me of how the hawkers in Tobago weave flying birds out of Palm leaves; using the same bent cross weave for the torso and wings of the bird.
    1. K-Hornet's Avatar
      K-Hornet -
      Thanks. Great tutorial.

    1. grey-array's Avatar
      grey-array -
      amazing design love that.
      great tutorial as well! Superb work and amazing sheaths!
    1. Essexman's Avatar
      Essexman -
      Awesome work, thanks for sharing.
    1. Hone-boy's Avatar
      Hone-boy -
      beautifully considered & fearless solutions
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