• A range of Kukri types

    Hi there,

    When I first started looking into the world of kukri it was because I'd seen the promo for Cold Steel's version but thought to myself "no way am I spending that much on a kukri!". Oh the irony

    So I eventually found myself at the Tora Blades website. I was amazed at the diversity of blade types and decided I'd like to get 12 different types. As they didn't have any in stock at the time and since I really don't need 12 user kukri's, I thought why not just get original pieces? They're superior in every way and the majority of them were less expensive than their modern replicas (though some were painfully expensive). Along the way I've picked up a number of additional pieces that caught my eye, but the kukri's below represent the best versions of the 12 pieces I originally set out to get.

    To list them (starting top left working down):
    1) MKI
    2) WWI MKII
    3) WWII M43 MKII
    4) WWII MKII
    5) WWI Battalion style
    6) WWII Military Sirupate
    7) Lambendh or as they called it at that time "Chhetri"
    8 ) Looks like what they called a "Military Chhetri"
    9) Royal Nepalese Army Longleaf or "G.A.K"
    10) Dui Chirra
    11) WWI Ang Khola
    12) WWII Ang Khola

    Of course there are still one or two other pieces I'd like to add to my collection, but for the time being I'm feeling a sense of completion (let's see how long it lasts ).

    Anyway, I just wanted to share the photo really
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