• Swiza D04

    Disclaimer: I paid for this with my own money.

    Following on from http://www.britishblades.com/forums/...ic-Swiss-knife I had one turn up this morning.

    I comes in a little plastic box, nothing else (not that you need anything else but sometimes a bit of paper adds to the feel of quality. maybe.)

    The scales are rubber. At first this feels a bit odd as all my other Swiss knives are either red plastic or aluminium. However, get used to it and it feels ok; a bit different but then I don't want a box of knifes all the same.

    The blade is a decent size and nice and sharp out of the box.
    Rather than a nail nick it has a slot but the can opener means you cannot get at it from both sides.
    On the ricasso it says "Swiss Made" on one side and "A16-112" on the other. Heinnies advert says its 440 steel.
    It's a locker, something I hadn't realised when I bought it and to release it you press the cross; I found this (admitttedly easily) by trial and error as there's no instructions. when locked there is a little bit of play backwards and forwards by it's also held by the backspring so you'd only really notice that if you were looking for it and it doesn't affect usage. There's no discernable sideways play. Closing, it's a bit firmer than other lockers due to the backspring. I wonder if it actually needs a lock and whether Swiza will produce a "UK friendly version" ?
    When opened the handle/blade have a curve to them compared to my SAK camper (see photo at the bottom of the post). Again it's not good or bad, just a bit different.
    In the hand it feels fairly comfortable although the slight curve means the other tools sit prouder than they do on a SAK. The rubber scales actually give it a comfortable feel.

    The other tools are what you'd expect to find: Can opener, bottle opener, screwdrivers, awl, tweezers. The model I bought has a philips screwdriver but there is one with a corkscrew. All the tools seem to be reasonable but only time will tell (especially the philips).

    Price wise it's comparable with similar offerings from Victorinox and it feels of similar quality. The "let down" if there is one, is the lock; I can see a lot of people giving it a swerve simply because it's not UK carryable without a reason.

    Overall, it's a keeper because it's different, but useable. Would I buy another ? No, I would (will) probably look at a Victorinox EvoGrip (if only they'd do it in different colours).

    Comparison pic:
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    1. BorderReiver's Avatar
      BorderReiver -
      Thank you for that, it's good to have a straight forward, warts and all review.
    1. himself's Avatar
      himself -
      Quote Originally Posted by BorderReiver View Post
      Thank you for that, it's good to have a straight forward, warts and all review.
      I'm able to do totally biased reviews for free goods too (Bentley preferred)
    1. dkonopinski's Avatar
      dkonopinski -
      Very helpful review. Thanks.

      I wonder about the lock release being so close to where your thumb might be in use. I'm not going to have sleepless nights over it though. And I won't be buying one either.

      Having said that, the SAK range has created such a massive market over the years that you can't blame other companies attempting to design a competitive range and trying to grab market share.

    1. johnnythefox's Avatar
      johnnythefox -
      thank you for the review.
    1. Basemetal's Avatar
      Basemetal -
      Promoted to Article
    1. snoopdong's Avatar
      snoopdong -
      Nice review thanks, I spotted these the other day and thought they looked really good. I think the inclusion of a lock is necessary and misses the true target audience; european EDC.

      What sort of locking mechanism is it? I cant quite figure it out?
    1. himself's Avatar
      himself -
      Quote Originally Posted by snoopdong View Post
      Nice review thanks, I spotted these the other day and thought they looked really good. I think the inclusion of a lock is necessary and misses the true target audience; european EDC.

      What sort of locking mechanism is it? I cant quite figure it out?
      I just checked. It's a liner lock. The spacer between the two layers is sprung and is pushed over by the button. The scales look like they will pop off but I don't want to force them. I might buy the cheapest one to have a fiddle and see if it can be made UK legal (as I said, the backspring feels like its up to the job) but I have't got a spare 20 at the moment (and the Domestic financial controller might smell a rat )
    1. himself's Avatar
      himself -
      I converted it to UK legal by part cutting the spacer with a dremel and bending it slightly so it doesn't engage. The backspring is stronger than my SAK camper.
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