• Step by step mosaic

    As some of you know from my demo at Owen's, the intention was to get a slice of the end of every bar to show how the pattern builds up, well in the heat of the moment that didn't happen. So a month or so before I made a billet, and got all the slices.

    This is the 1st bar

    This bar was drawn out, half to a narrow section and half to a slim section

    Slim section

    You can already see how the drawing out is making the pattern area "climb" up the sides of the billet. Each of these bars were cut in two, and arranged so each slim bar was on the outside, with the two wider ones in between, and welded up to make the next bar

    The above bar X2

    The above bar X2

    This bar was forged on the diamond, so the corners are now where the sides were and make the pattern radiate out of the corner, see below.

    The above bar X4

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    1. seanb303's Avatar
      seanb303 -
      very very pretty
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      kpurse -
      Gorgeous. A craftsman at work
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