• Letter inlays in a 3 core bar

    This has been on my list of things to try, for ages. I did a few test pieces of single letters and they went well. So I went for something a bit more ambitious.
    I have always wanted to put + MAXEN MEFECIT + into a sword blade. I have a full 3 core sword all welded up, but decided, as this is an experiment, to try this out on some leftover bars from that piece.
    I welded up 3 bars that have an interupted pattern of anticlockwise and clockwise twists. This bar is 30mm wide.
    The pieces for the inlays have been made from 10 layers of steel and forged to about 6mm round. Then twisted and forged into rods about 4mm round. All these rods were then cut to match the impressions that I forged into the 3 core bar and welded in.
    The letters are 20mm tall and the length of the inlaid area is about 11" long.

    For more photos and a more in depth explanation see here,

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