• Feathered W's (how i do it)

    A brief pictorial...

    first up is to make some w's, this is a stack of eleven layers of 15n20 and C20

    weld it up then turn it through 90deg(has been forged out a little)

    drawn out to twelve inches by about 3/8-1/2" thick

    sectioned out into four bits ready for the first stack

    said stack ready for welding

    all welded up - now just got to do this all over another three times

    after all that stacking and welding the billet is sectioned into six

    and stacked up ready for welding

    billet all welded up - this is our W's made

    a quick etch to show what a compressed stack of w's look like(only ground with angle grinder sorry)

    billet all cleaned up - VERY important to keep a reference of where everything is at All times as it is so easy to mess everything up all the way to the end of the process

    handle has been moved to the side and our Precious billet of w's has been hacked into nearly two with a very blunt cutter(about 4mm thick at cutting edge)

    handle moved again then welded it back up into one block again (make sure you do EVERYTHING at welding temperature) i diddnt have it hot enough when closing up the two sides and started to open up a weld - managed to stop it and weld it back up, but best to do it right first time!

    the billet has been drawn out to 7 1/2" long by 3/8" thick by 1 1/2" wide, and is now cooling on the forge floor, will give it a bit of a grind and a quick etch tomorow to see if we have destroyed a perfectely good billet of W's

    A few pic's of the billet from the last pic now etched -

    the billet is still a bit compressed and will spread out a bit yet when it is drawn out, but it is an example of a feather pattern now all thats left to do is to make it into something sharp

    A finished knife (not from this billet but one similar)

    thanks for looking
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