• How I made a chevron pattern.

    I've wanted to do a chevron pattern for some time, and was partly inspired by a blade Owen and Mick made a couple of years ago (I wish I could find a link to a photo) which had chevrons of different patterned steels welded into a blade.

    Anyway the only way I could figure out how to achieve this pattern was to make some V section billets and stack them up. After a while I realised that what I needed was pattern welded angle iron

    I started with a 36 layer billet of 15n20 and EN42:

    Then I had to make some tooling to bend it into a right angle:

    I made the tooling from a block of O1 I had left over from another project, by cutting out a V with a thin cut off disc. Top and bottom tools in one go

    Then I forged the billet down to 1/4 inch thickness to form this:

    Even with a flypress this was fairly hard work, and took a lot of heats. A hydraulic press would've helped.

    The next stage was to cut it into five 1 inch slices, and to stack them. Rather than tack weld them directly together, I used some rod at each side, so I could easily grind off any metal contaminated by welding rod. I made a mild steel block with a V end to fit into the last piece to add metal to the billet and to use as the tang. Here's a picture of the stack before forge welding:

    Once the stack was nicely welded using the bottom tooling and a flat top die in the press, I ground off the welded rods and scale:

    The next step was to arc weld a mild bar onto the flat end (to the right above) and then hand hammer the billet flat. I hammered on the face showing the layers carefully trying to keep the billet an even shape, and to increase the length more than the width. The billet was not fault free, so the blade ended up shorter than intended, but it held together better than I'd expected! Unfortunately I forgot to take any photos during this stage, so the next picture is after hardening:

    I'm quite pleased with the way it turned out. It would've been better with really crisp V shapes rather than U shapes, and my hand hammering did introduce some distortions in the pattern that aren't intended, but look quite nice. Here's a picture of the finished knife:

    I'm sure you will be able to suggest improvements to this technique, and I have been wondering if there is a better or easier way to do it. If so please enlighten me

    I hope this is of interest.
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    1. stevec's Avatar
      stevec -
      excellent stuff
    1. douglass2009's Avatar
      douglass2009 -
      WOW AND WOW again, good lord thatn is truely fantastic work i love it, do you make steel to sell or just full blades and finished knives??.

    1. Underhay's Avatar
      Underhay -
      Thanks for the comments

      Sorry I don't sell my blades at the moment, this is just an enjoyable hobby for me
    1. Tacol's Avatar
      Tacol -
      Very clever and very well executed.

      I's inspiring !

    1. remy b's Avatar
      remy b -
      neat work!

    1. kpurse's Avatar
      kpurse -
      Cheers dude. Well informative
    1. Tomas243's Avatar
      Tomas243 -
      Probably a stupid question as I'm NO expert but, could you have used angle iron sections?
    1. Underhay's Avatar
      Underhay -
      could you have used angle iron sections?
      You could weld normal angle iron together like this, but there wouldn't be any visible pattern and as angle iron is mild steel the knife wouldn't hold an edge.

      As I wanted to have visible layers of contrasting steels, I had to make my own 36 layer 15n20/EN42 special angle steel

      Thanks for the comments
    1. BlackToe Knives's Avatar
      BlackToe Knives -
      I like that. My friend does a feather pattern like that. He welds up a stack of billet. The split the billet across the welds. Then he forge weld the split back up. The he draws the length.
    1. moses's Avatar
      moses -
    1. sc_steve's Avatar
      sc_steve -
      Lovely that!
    1. Noddy's Avatar
      Noddy -
      Looking good
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