• Tvividr's Scandi Belt Loop Fastening - My Way (Pic Heavy)

    Here's a simple (I hope) photo tutorial for anyone struggling with how to tie the belt loop section on this tutorial http://www.britishblades.com/forums/...ad.php?t=22249

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    I usually make my belt loops in two ways. One way is to make a small button of the same material as I have used in the knife (ie bone, horn, antler, wood etc) which the strop can be secured to. This makes it very easy to take the knife on and off the belt without undoing the belt.... and thereby dropping your trousers. The method is quite secure, and very practical if crossing into public places where carrying a knife is prohibited.
    The other method I use is to sew the belt loop with a single thin leather strip. Also an easy way to fasten the loop, and it can look quite good too - especially if using a contrasting colour on the leather strip.

    When securing either the button or when using a strip of thin leather only, I always make two holes through the doubled belt loop. The holes and the leather strip are wetted, and everything is tied together - then left to dry. You may wish to use a drop of superglue or something like that to secure the knot. Though, if tightened up properly, this shouldn't be necessary.

    NB. I've only used round cord for ease but Gerd's tutorial uses flat leather thong.

    Its worth while practicing this first, particularly so you can get your hole size just right. Id' strongly recommend putting a point/taper on the ends of the leather strip and also not to wet the first inch or so, its a pain to feed through the holes otherwise.

    OK here goes:

    NB. Loop round once then feed through second hole

    Once everything's all tightened up you can trim the excess and give the whole thing a bit of a whack with a hammer to flatten it out. Obviously the holes can be a little closer together too, this was just for clarity...honest :-P

    Hope this helps.
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    1. shire2009's Avatar
      shire2009 -
      Thats tidy.I like it.It could have more than one use.
    1. puukko3883's Avatar
      puukko3883 -
      Kiitos Tividr,

      I recently used your way of tying up a Scandi
      Belt Loop Fastening on a couple of sheaths.
      I modified it a bit, to make use of a couple of
      my wife's antique buttons, but it worked great !

      They're in the Scandi Forum now, take a look
      and thanks again
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