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Roadcat's Apocalypse KITH Diaries Day 6 - Christmas Eve (Cont.)

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December 24, 2012 about 14:00am - Christmas Eve

Once the kid fell asleep, he slept like a log. The dogs have taken a liking to him, especially Gizmo, and slept curled up next to him - traitors! I let him sleep and spent the time sharpening a short length of wood into a stake, for the kid to carry. At least he'll be safe if we run into any vampires! Actually it's more of a psychological thing; I've noticed that with the spear I feel more enabled, more capable of protecting mself and hopefully giving Ronan a way to defend himself will do the same for him.

Once he finally woke up, we spent a long time talking about what to do. For an 8 year old he is extremely sensible, and having somebody to chat to throws a completely different light onto things. Up until now I haven't had any long-term thought out plan, I've been surviving from day-to-day making it up as I go along, but as Ronan pointed out that the zombies don't do anything unless they are near people. If they don't eat or drink anything they will only be able to survive for a short time, possibly week or two without drinking? Maybe month without eating? So all we have to do is find somewhere that we will be alone and where we can find sufficient food to keep ourselves alive for a month or so.

After much discussion we have decided to head for a protected woodlands that I sometimes take the dogs to called Monks Wood. Monks Wood is an ancient Ash and Oak wood, over 2000 years old. On my walks there I've seen wild garlic growing and there are plenty of rabbit's warrens, the acorns will also provide an alternative to our current diet of stinging nettle soup. By my reckoning it's about 20 miles from where we are, but as we'll have to go cross country and avoid as many roads and villages as possible it's likely to take us 2 to 3 days to get there.

We spent the rest of the day walking north, back towards the A14, where we stopped early and made camp for the night amongst some trees at the top of a small hill. The area has been used as a fly-tipping site sometime in the past and so we scavenged through the rubble and rubbish that has been left and found some real gems!

This should make it much easier to carry the things we have collected!

Some pieces of broken slate and various roofing and paving tiles, including some porcelain from a smashed toilet!

There are loads of rabbits around so we spent some time trying to catch one for dinner! The dogs thought it was great fun, but they didn't come close. Ronan decided to "stake" out a rabbit hole until the rabbit poked it's head out - he was very upset when the rabbit bolted from a different burrow!

Finally we had to settle for stinging nettle soup (again), but while it was cooking I used the flint knife to scrape the plastic off of some automotive wire I found last time I was at the A14 and used the core wire to make some rabbit snares. Tomorrow is Christmas and it would be nice for us to have something different to eat for a change. I've noticed that I'm becoming more easily tired and short-tempered and suspect it might have to do with not getting enough varied nutrition.

This looks like a likely place to catch breakfast! Spot the snare?

We're camped near the top of a hill and the wind seems to be blowing stronger up here, so we used what we could find lying around to make a lean-to windbreak and settled down in it's cover for the night.

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  1. puukko3883's Avatar
    Roadcat ol' chap, glad to see you and the young lad getting along and doing well !!

    OK, enough of this broken pottery and loo pieces, you two need to find some axes, hatchets, knives, hammers, boxes of nails, shot guns, hand saws, rasps, pitch forks, scythes, machetes, cricket bats, cases of canned bière (well, not for the lad, soda for him), ham, corned beef, beets, potatoes, green beans !!

    I shudder to think of fending off a pack of your damned zombies with a sharpened stick !! Time to forage for some serious heavy carry there lads, time to gear up you Light Brigade of two, well ... one and a tad over a half !!
  2. Roadcat's Avatar
    You're absolutely right Puuko. Flint knives and wooden stakes aren't up to the job of fending off the zombies - need to do something about that. We've been lucky so far, but it's always better to be prepared for the worst. On the plus side; I'm getting much, much better at lighting a fire!

    Mmmm, I remember beer!