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    What EDC are you carrying today?

    Thread Starter: avoidspam

    Thought I'd give this a go. Sorry if it's been tried before but I quite like the version on the other side of the pond. Everyone gets a bit creative with their camera's... Plus it's a nice opportunity to see what's out there....:) Sam

    Last Post By: Larsje100 Yesterday, 02:14 PM Go to last post

    I have a Skrama!

    Thread Starter: Muskett

    I have a Skrama, it arrived today. Testing will have to wait, so this is a my first impression. I really like it. Its not often when someone comes up with a design that is unusual, though something that we have been asking for for yonks but didn't quite know what we wanted. Well in the...

    Last Post By: Uriel Yesterday, 09:52 PM Go to last post

    Ah, Winklers!

    Thread Starter: Eee

    Go on, get them out... A new thread, especially for Filleep who has a new Winkler to play with; be proud, show them off. Extra points if they are outdoors :O :lol:

    Last Post By: gregs656 Yesterday, 08:23 PM Go to last post

    Not Happy.

    Thread Starter: Lupine

    I was trying to pry off a branch, from a piece of ash, battoned it, the tried to force it down with my hand a few times, the branch came off, but it bloody snapped. :censored: It looks to be just under 2mm thick. I dont have a receipt for it either. Im screwed arent I? :( :sad52:

    Last Post By: HillBill Yesterday, 09:20 PM Go to last post

    Show your Paper Wheel edges

    Thread Starter: kwackster

    Some here know i like my Paper Wheels for sharpening knives, but it can't be that i'm the only one on this forum. From time to time i will post my results here and i hope that others will do the same, :) Here's one i did a few days ago, a Spyderco Paramilitary 2 in Elmax steel. The factory...

    Last Post By: alphaburner Yesterday, 03:53 PM Go to last post
    Dr Gonzo

    Dockers Wool Shirt

    Thread Starter: Dr Gonzo

    Thought some might like this nice heavy Dockers wool shirt...I've just taken delivery of my second, bought a blue one for Christmas and just bought a khaki one this week...fantastic quality for the money :)

    Last Post By: luckypip Yesterday, 03:31 PM Go to last post

    Extrema Ratio Task C_test

    Thread Starter: martineden

    Hi all, past weeks I had the chance to give a try to the knife Task C from Extrema Ratio (Italy). Here I want to show the results of my test Disclaimer: test results and scores are related to what I use a knife for. I am just an average person, with a good knowledge and experience of outdoors...

    Last Post By: Blackthunder Yesterday, 04:24 AM Go to last post

    Wood bandsaw - what do I need?

    Thread Starter: matus

    Hello, I am planning to buy my first bandsaw. The main intended use is to cut larger pieces of hard wood to blocks suitable for handle making, cut larger pieces of softer wood (cutting height of up to 10 cm) to thinner (5 - 10 mm) plates for saya making. My requirements are that the cuts should...

    Last Post By: owen bush Yesterday, 09:20 PM Go to last post

    Terava jakaari puukko :-)

    Thread Starter: Sieddy

    Just received a Jakaaripuukko 110 today. I know there's not much too it but what a great knife it is! And 34 delivered from Finland (w/o sheath) absolute, blooming bargain! I'm well chuffed with it. Now to get a kydex sheath for it. :-S

    Last Post By: Sieddy Yesterday, 10:25 PM Go to last post

    Quick one on 139 and what a lock knife is

    Thread Starter: minds_eye

    Last night, I was browsing the web, looking for the date that lock knives were deemed to be classed as non-folding. In the midst of my search, I came across a site which states the following, re the definition of a lock knife: "Section 139 of the Criminal Justice Act 1988 aptly describes the...

    Last Post By: Leon Yesterday, 03:30 PM Go to last post
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