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    Talking Sacha Thiel New Midtech l'Officer


    I would like to introduce you to Sacha Thiel’s latest knife. For those who are still not familiar with his work or his name, Sacha is a French knife custom knifemaker and is most famous for being the T in the Spyderco PPT

    His custom work is second to none and every knife show he attends, sees his table being cleaned up in minutes after the gates open. Sacha decided to attempt the midtech adventure with one of his latest designs the Officer.

    This is red hot the press and I am glad to be able to share this with you.

    First thing that will strike you visually is that it looks a little bit like a Strider, but apart from a similar construction G10/titanium and stop pin on the blade, you realise it just shares the DNA of great tough knives.

    This is why I wanted to present it to you against what I believe are its main competition, the SNG and the XM18 3.5”

    On the G10 side you have a nicely toxified slab and like on the Strider it is one piece of G10 that includes both the scale and the backspacer. The framelcok side is made of titanium and includes a low profile clip and comes with a gorgeous sandblasted finish.

    Now next to the SNG

    The XM18

    In the close position the Officer is slightly smaller than both his American counterparts. In the open position however it levels with the SNG whilst remaining slightly shorter than the Hinderer

    When it comes to the framelock there is a knife for each style. Some like a very early lock and it seems to be the case for the Sacha Thiel as my custom PPT shares the same attribute of an early lock. This, combined with a strong cut on the blade means that even if the framelock wears slightly out with time, the lock will remain reliable and prevent any vertical play that I have on my SNG for instance.

    The SNG has got a lot of miles under its belt and it’s starting to show with a late lock up and some vertical play. The Hinderer is perfect with a 50% lock that is as rock solid as when I got it a few years ago. These three beasts are rock solid

    Where Sacha pulls a special one off his bag every time (he does it on the custom PPT as well) is when it comes to maximising cutting edge length. Compared to the SNG, he manages to gain a full centimetre , that’s a remarkable achievement.

    Some close ups

    Jimping is adequate but could be slightly more aggressive and running on a longer portion of the spine but this is more a question of personal preference

    Now to the feel in hand

    Back grip

    Chocked up

    The XM18


    All three offer great grips both forward and back. I would however point out that when you have medium ish hands the grip on the SNG is not as comfortable as it is on the Officer. You can’t close your hand on it quite as well.

    In terms of stealth carry this is a hands down victory for the Officer, easy to clip and very discrete in the pocket

    Now to a few specs
    • N690Co steel, 3.5mm thick blade
    • Titanium framelock 3.5 mm thick
    • 6mm thick pivot screw
    • 20cm long when open
    • 8cm cutting edge
    • 120g
    • €230 directly from Sacha Thiel on his website

    Thank you for looking
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    Re: Sacha Thiel New Midtech l'Officer

    That's a great looking knife Nico. Thankyou for posting some great pics too.

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    Re: Sacha Thiel New Midtech l'Officer

    NOOoooo,,, must,,, resist,,,

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    Re: Sacha Thiel New Midtech l'Officer

    Firstly, what a super, informative review. Nice.

    &, yup, I like the knife too. Not one, I'm up for but nice none the less.



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