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    Rules for Portobello Road Sales Forums

    Quick View: Know your way around forums? Here’s the skinny on BB Sales in 13 points:

    (There’s more explanation on each point to be found further down.)

    1. We’re an interest discussion forum and not here primarily to be a replacement for Ebay, so there’s no advertising or sales promotion allowed outside of our Sales Forums (that are collectively known as “Portobello Road”).

    2. Only Subscribing Members can advertise items For Sale, for Trade or Wanted on BB. So proxy sales (i.e. sales on behalf of someone else) are not allowed.

    3. Only UK legal items may be advertised (even if the trade is overseas or international).

    4. All items must have clear prices with no hidden extras – a full price including UK shipping needs to be stated in the ad.

    5. We don’t allow auctions or bare “make me an offer” ads as these prove too troublesome.

    6. For all items the Seller is responsible for safe delivery – so RMSD, insurance, etc., is a seller’s decision for the seller’s sole benefit. In cases of non-delivery or damage we expect Sellers to refund promptly and then pursue their own compensation claim at no inconvenience to Buyers.

    7. The normal way to respond to an ad is by PM as most of our sales forums do not accept reply posts. Makers and Traders threads are exceptions to this, but PM is still the best approach.

    8. Sellers must leave prices up on ads after sales (even after withdrawals). These build our database.

    9. No-one may ask for a deposit for goods to be made or sourced. Payment in full for goods-in-handand ready to send is the required norm for BB sales. Pre-advertising is not allowed.

    10. Sellers may not request ‘PayPal by Gift’ payment in ads or privately as this denies the buyer the normal PP protection.

    11. BB has a policy (see below) for Firearms trades

    12. No Counterfeit goods may be advertised (or discussed) on BB

    13. CITES and DEFRA certificates for endangered species/materials need to be made available for inspection when applicable to an item advertised.

    PENALTIES & REDRESS. There is little we can do when rules are broken and we are largely a self-policing community. For our members’ safety and our reputation’s sake we may withdraw sales privileges for a period or even ban offenders, but we cannot offer any redress if a trade goes wrong. We have no visibility of the transaction processes. ‘Buyer Beware’ is always the watchword.
    More Explanation, Background, Guidance etc., …

    Advertising on BritishBlades

    Advertising is not generally allowed on BritishBlades, the only exception is here in the Portobello Road forums for Subscribing Members (i.e. VIP/Maker/Trader). See also Membership categories . Any post that looks like an advert outside the Portobello Road forums will be deleted and the poster issued with an infraction (usually a restriction on their use of Classifieds for a period).

    Obviously, if anyone is found fraudulently misrepresenting goods for sale, their membership will be revoked, but that is as much as we can do. It is your responsibility to take whatever steps you need to ensure the legitimacy of your transactions. BritishBlades is an international website, it is your responsibility to make sure that anything you post for sale or trade conforms to international laws.

    Moderators will use their judgment as necessary and any inadequate, incomplete or misleading ads will be archived. We will normally work with you to help you improve your ad.

    Access To Portobello Road

    All members can read all of the Portobello Road forums and PM a seller. UK legal age restrictions may apply. (Some apps, like Tapatalk, cannot access these forums, but the limitation is in the App))

    Only Subscribing Members may advertise items For Sale, Trade or Wanted in the appropriate sub-forums.

    Reply to an ad by sending a PM to the advertiser. Members cannot post replies to VIP ads, though Makers and Traders Forum ads will take replies.

    Advertising Limits

    Traders may advertise any number of items.
    Makers may advertise all that they make in addition to the VIP allowance.
    VIPs may advertise up to a maximum of 10 items in a rolling month. That could be 10 items in one advert, or one item in 10 adverts. If you advertise more, you will need a Trader Membership and will be asked to upgrade your account.

    A ‘bump throttle’ prevents an ad being bumped more than once every week (168 hours). Premature bumps will simply appear as edits in the OP.

    Only advertise an item in one thread. Always update (bump) an old ad rather than starting a new one for the same item(s).

    Caveats for a successful sale

    * Make sure your items for sale comply with UK and International laws. NB. ONLY UK legal items may be advertised on BB, even if either or both parties are overseas.
    * Include a full description and accurate condition of your items. Be honest; don’t say A1 if it's not - collectors can be extremely picky and you'll save yourself and us a headache.
    * Attach a picture of the actual item for sale. Only exceptionally are ads successful without one. Photos help prevent disappointment and provide references in dispute. We are considering making actual item photos mandatory.
    * State clearly the price and currency you would like for the item. Your ad must include a final price of the item + shipping + any payment fees to be paid by the seller. For offers to trade (swaps) include an equivalent trade value in your ad unless you are trading for one very specific named item. An add with just a single price and no additional detail will be understood to be ‘all in’ pricing, including delivery.
    *Bare “Make me an offer” ads are not allowed. (A clear price with “or offer” is allowed.)
    * Ads should be factual descriptions in normal text with pictures, not decorated shop window displays. Excessive use of BB code, including size, colour and bold tags will be moderated, as well as excessive use of capitals ... and anything else that is generally tacky and awful looking.
    * Seller has responsibility for safe delivery – this cannot be transferred to the Buyer, so Seller decides the shipping method – any insurance is insurance for the Seller.
    * State which payment methods are acceptable.
    *Display your location so that your country it is obvious if you’re not UK based.
    * Consider waiting for cheques to clear or payment to arrive before sending the goods.
    * To avoid confusion, mark your item as *SOLD* as soon as the transaction is complete.
    * cannot help you recover cash or goods if the sale does not go smoothly.

    * If you have a firm interest in an item, contact the seller directly via PM.
    * Ask for clarification if needed.
    * Avoid bidding contests.
    * If the item is valuable, you may want to consider insisting on paying by crossed cheque only - it's your money.
    * It's your responsibility to satisfy yourself that a sale is legitimate. Be aware of the seller’s reputation, number of posts and joining date, especially for higher value items.
    * Be wary of PM offers of items for sale, especially of items not advertised on the forum or from non-subscribing members.
    * Note the location of the Seller. Understand there may be import VAT, customs duty and handling fees to pay on cross border transactions. These costs of international trading are the Buyer’s responsibility to research and the Seller does not need to advise overseas buyers in the ad, though the Seller's location should be clear.
    * cannot help you recover cash or goods if the purchase does not go smoothly.
    * Please do leave feedback for transactions using the iTrader system. Be factual by all means, but civility is mandatory even when aggrieved

    Negotiations and comments on pricing

    The price advertised is the price the seller is asking, and sellers are entitled to ask whatever they want. They are entitled to make any profit they can get.
    Essentially if you do not like the price, don't buy the item. If you wish to negotiate with a seller, do so by PM.

    Visible Pricing Policy

    Advertised prices must be left visible in ads after the sale. It is a condition of using BB Classifieds that all prices are left visible after the sale has ended or the item withdrawn. This is NOT optional -it adds to the value of the site for future reference for all members.

    Postage and Packing

    All adverts should clearly show how much the seller intends to charge for postage and packing.

    If no price is given for P&P in the advert, then it is assumed that all costs (PayPal fees, P&P etc.) are included in the asking price.

    Members found adding additional fees onto an asking price after the fact, will have their advertising rights suspended and their adverts removed.

    It's simple; you must clearly show all costs in your advert.

    The seller takes full responsibility for postage until the package arrives. Packages will not be sent at "buyer’s risk".

    If a package does not arrive safely, it is the seller’s responsibility to issue a refund and initiate a claim against the delivery company for loss or damage.

    Responsibility for posted items

    On occasion we have seen a seller state "I am not responsible for postage". Well sorry, but the law says you are. The seller has a responsibility to provide the buyer with the item they have purchased. That responsibility belongs to the seller, right up until the item is in the hands of the buyer. In law, the buyer takes no risk whatsoever for the postage.

    If an item goes missing in the post, it is the SELLER who is 100% responsible for it 100% of the time, regardless of anything the seller may put in their advert to try to avoid or deny responsibility. [Offending ads will be removed and sellers advised or suspended].

    If the buyer starts a dispute with PayPal because the item is a no-show, then PayPal will refund the buyer out of the sellers account and instruct the seller to make a claim through the post office. Posting via RMSD is insurance for the SENDER/SELLER not the buyer. If you send something first class, or uninsured and the item goes missing, the seller will have to stand the loss out of his/her own pocket. That's the law folks. Doesn't matter what you write in your advert, so please don't waste our time by asking you to remove such nonsense comments.

    Proxy selling

    The selling of any item on BB is the responsibility of the Advertiser. We do not allow proxy sales i.e. selling items 'for a friend'. Get your friend to subscribe!

    If you list something in the Classifieds then you list it as your own and accept full responsibility for the legality and for all after sales responsibilities.

    Payment will be made to you.
    You will ensure the item is safely dispatched to the buyer.
    Any difficulties will be resolved by you.
    If you fob a buyer off with a need to contact a third party after the sale then you will be banned.

    Asking for Deposits

    Nobody should ask you for a deposit for a sale item.
    Makers may start a thread in makers sales to act as an order list on a first come basis, but they must not ask for cash deposits for items that have not yet been made.

    PayPal Policy

    There have been a number of instances where sellers have asked for PayPal payments to be sent either as a "Gift" or as "Money Owed". These requests must stop.

    Firstly, sending money this way removes all protection from the buyer. Should the sale go wrong, PayPal will not reimburse you and you will be out of pocket.

    Secondly, we cannot be seen to condone any activity that is illegal or dishonest.

    One of the reasons for using PayPal is its buyer protection policy, bypassing this is like sticking a wad of notes in an envelope and hoping for the best. I am sure most of us wouldn’t attempt make purchases in this fashion.

    Therefore please take any PayPal fees into consideration when pricing an article for sale. You are of course free to offer a discount for cheques or cash payments by RMSD.

    Specific Item Classes:
    Firearms Policy

    The changes in firearm laws of the last few years have prompted a number of enquiries as to what can and can’t be sold here. Items that are referenced under the Firearms Act are easy to (legally) define and differentiate between. Items restricted under the VCR Act are less so. Therefore the following policy will apply to all sales of guns and shooting related items.

    Section 1 firearms & accessories
    Shotguns & accessories
    Air guns & accessories
    Deactivated guns

    Not Permitted:
    Blank firers
    Air soft

    Please ensure you comply with all applicable laws regarding the item you are selling and the person you are selling to.

    Private sales of second hand air guns do not need to be "face to face" and can be conducted by post.

    Deactivated guns should be accompanied by a proof house certificate.

    Counterfeit Items

    Knives and any other items (eg watches, bags, clothes) which are not just 'influenced' by production items, but are fraudulent copies with illegal use of manufacturer's names and logos on the knives may not be advertised (or discussed) on BB.

    Design clone and copy items, while sometimes morally dubious, are not counterfeits and not illegal, so may normally be traded.

    Endangered Species and CITES

    We accept that this area is a minefield, the law section has a post on what we believe the law to say However, it is your responsibility as a seller to ensure you comply with the law and any item that the staff thinks may be illegal in any way will be removed until proof has been provided as to its legality. Any certificates issued by CITES or DEFRA must be shown to BB staff and will be verified with the relevant authorities.

    Off-Topic old tat, rubbish and junk

    Your grandmother's old net curtains, half a packet of custard powder and that Franklin Mint Elvis Spitfire Pyramid print collector's deck chair really aren't for BB. Staff will exercise discretion even in the 'Other Stuff' category and unworthy ads may be archived.
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