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    MLL X55 UK Legal EDC

    The Background

    This all started when I read this thread -

    MLL Knives is Mario Luis Leao located in Alcobaca, Portugal and I liked the look of the knife. In particular I liked the work on the blade and the fact that it was clearly a workhorse. My interest has turned a bit in that direction recently. So I contacted Mario and asked about a UK legal version.

    That was on 13th April. The knife arrived on the 29th April. Pretty swift I thought. Mario is a gentleman to deal with and sent updates as the work progressed.

    For the record I am simply a paying customer.

    The Knife

    Mario's pics are better than I could do so please see the earlier set of pics on this thread. Not the wharncliffe set.


    Blade length - 75mm
    Blade width - 28mm at widest point
    Blade thickness - 4mm at widest point
    Spring - 6mm
    Handle length - 113mm
    Weight - 201gm


    Blade steel is N690
    Handle is G10
    Liners, spring and fittings are all stainless.

    Personal opinion

    This is a handsome, weighty slip-joint knife which is crying out for heavy use so it is important that the handle is comfortable and provides good control. It is and it does but just a whisper off the sharp inside edges of the liners would be an improvement. This is because the width of the spring means a wide space between the liners and finger flesh might get sore after a while. Time will tell.

    The fit & finish are much better than many hand made knives designed for heavy use. The blade is perfectly centred and completely wobble free. The thumb stud is interesting. It works as an alternative to a nail nick to start with, but once the blade is open to about 45 degrees it is then a conventional thumb stud to open the blade the rest of the way. It is well positioned to provide the necessary leverage against the strong spring and the handle is shaped to accommodate it on the other side of the blade should that be required. The clunk to fully open is gratifying, but the spring is ever-so-slightly proud of the liners when the blade is fully open. I admit to being really over picky on that point as it is really only a fraction of a millimetre. Closing the blade takes a firm effort to start it but then it is easy until the solid snap home. Incidentally, that closing snap doesn't happen until the last few degrees and so fingers are well clear. The edge grind is even, but needs a tickle to bring it up to as sharp as I like.

    The handle fixings are flush with the scales apart from the two nearest the lanyard hole which are slightly sunken. The handle shape allows you to choke up pretty well on the blade, but does ensure that your hand is not going to slip forward onto the sharp edge.

    The blade is textured at the top and then flat ground to the edge. The hand finish runs along the blade rather than across it which is a feature I really like. The jimping on the top edge of the blade could do with the sharp angles being whispered off as the thumb may get sore after long, hard use. Maybe. There is also a sharpening choil. The blade has a good deal of belly and also maintains its thickness until where the texturing ends. There the taper starts, but there is plenty of steel most of the way along the blade.

    Overall this knife has a lot going for it and none of the few negatives are significant as far as I'm concerned. I'm very pleased with it.


    PS Generally I am a bit of a wharncliffe fan, but with this knife I think this blade shape wins hands down on looks.
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    Re: MLL X55 UK Legal EDC

    Nice looking knife. And a good read. Thanks
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    Re: MLL X55 UK Legal EDC

    Thanks for the write up, David. Tough looking ole thing, that is

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    Re: MLL X55 UK Legal EDC

    Thank you for you nice comment, only with feedback will be possible to improve.
    I dedicate many work hours to these knives, any part any bolt is made and custom by hand, it is for me a great pleasure you enjoy that effort and final work.

    Thank you
    Mario Leao
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