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    Re: Boiled Linseed Oil on handles

    Well, better news since.

    The Outdoor Axe & Small Hatchet have both had another 3 coats of Boiled Linseed Oil. As advised, I let the oil sit on them a while and then rubbed the excess off. Both have a low satin finish already over the whole surface. What a change from earlier. I think they'd need another 1 or 2 coats to be satin enough for me to finish off with the superfine steel wool and have that wood feel with the protection.

    The Carpenter's Axe came out of the mix differently too. This time, the Hickory wept a good amount after the drying off and seemed to have a more fuller finish afterwards, not as patchy as the earlier two. I have given it a couple of coats of Boiled Linseed Oil too and in a few days time I'll sand it all down for the finishing coats.

    I'm feeling better about this BLO method, now.

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    Re: Boiled Linseed Oil on handles

    Well, and what about the color? Should be changing, as the oil oxidises... Or - try using undiluted linseed oil, the mixed one should have penetrated the wood deep enough...

    I just ralised, that I haven't used Boiled linseed oil, unless as floor finishing... It has allways been, err... cold pressed, virgin oil, it's easier to grab it from fridge, than to go to store and search for boiled one... I guess, my wife is not too happy with that
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