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    Small Linder Sewing Ulu sheath

    I picked up a tiny Maynard Linder Ivory fishing weight sewing ulu quite a while back with the intention of adding it to my repair kit that I keep in my vest pocket. Without some sort of sheath this just was not possible, so using some scrap, soft vegtanned leather I came up with this idea.

    I cut out this leather with the little ulu…slick.

    Every time I do a new leather project it just increases my respect for the pros in the field. This little ulu sheath is no Tiffers but I sort of like it. The saddle stitching is a bit crooked and the leather trim is a bit off on the sides, it is just a couple of mm too narrow also, but still I really like it.

    I think tonight it will get a good soaking in wax and then a bit of a side trim. There is a bit of room inside for a twist of sinew and a couple of needles.

    How the pros do this without cutting their little fingers is something I would like to know. When I pulled that sinew tight on each pass I cut my little fingers right at the joint. I could have used a sailmakers palm or at least a wrap of some tape at the joint I suppose, but is there some other trick?



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