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    Horse shoe nails and fine forging

    In the knifemakers interview thread I mentioned a blacksmith by the name of Bob Hobbs, from Somerset. Bob was National Champion Blacksmith in 88 and has been a judge for the WBC for many years. He is probably one of the most "all round" blacksmiths in the UK today. With skills ranging from restoration work of 200 year old gates to some amazing repousse and stainless steel work. He is in his 70's and still working. Only the other day we spoke on the phone about rivetting up a traction engine boiler, not something I would won't to do at my age, let alone Bobb's as I know how much hard work is invovled, been there and done that.
    Bob is very much involved with the Wessex Guild and about 7 years ago he made a chain of office for one of their members out of horse shoe nails. The chain was made of about 50 seperate pieces all linked together. I was so impressed by this that he gave me one of the spare pieces along with a paperknife he forged from a shoeing nail as well.
    The following pictures are a testament to the mans skill. From what I can remember him telling me, these were forged in a coke forge on a small anvil set up on the forge bed so there was not to much heat loss.
    For an idea of size, the plain nail is 80mm long and the head is 8x10mm. The paper knife is 100mm long and the shank on the centre piece between the ring (notice the leaf) and the head is about 2mm square,

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