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Thread: Lapin Puukko

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    Lapin Puukko

    Not sure if correct section. If not Mods please move.

    Being a newbie to bushcraft, I am looking at buying my first knife and was hoping you guys could give me your opinions.

    I have read lots and lots of threads about the frosts mora / clipper knives but frankly I am not too keen on a plastic / rubber handle and would prefer a traditional looking knife even if a bit more expensive.

    The knife I am considering is made by Lapin Puukko. I has a blade of 4 1/8", and is 8 1/2" long overall. Apparently it is a stainless steel blade which is about .121" thick and hardened to 59 on the Rockwell C scale and costs 40 euros. I cannot find anymore information than that so if anyone knows what kind of steel it is, etc all info would be very useful.

    Is this a good knife suitable for a newbie? Are there any other more traditional looking options you experts would recommend?


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    Re: Lapin Puukko

    It looks like a good user, very similar to the Isaaki Jarpeneva Puukko I owned.

    They are a good working knife and great for carving. I would say that the narrow handles can be a bit of a pain but thats a personal/physiology thing.

    Its not a bad price either so I'd say its worth a punt.

    Alternatively there are these:

    Or make your own with a kit from Knife-Per or Brisa. Both have full tangs and stick tang kits and are an excellent price, quality and the service is second to none.
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