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    uk knife rights

    So who here feels that the uk nanny state is more than likely about to ban, not very likely. Or place heavy restictions on use,ownership,sales,manufacture of knives, will happen

    The fact is i use like many poeple a knife every day at work, and due to the silly laws in this country that are already in place i have to use a small folding pockect knife, which are in my view are unsafe, you think there great untill you have one fold up on you!, then you don't think there so great.

    this type of knife which is legalish to carry; a blade under 3" which folds, although even this type will get you locked up if the police stop you, and they feel that you should not have it with you, is not up to some of the work which is asked of it in the building trade.

    now most of you will say well you have a need for a fixed blade or a lock blade, but you try and carry a fixed blade about on your belt, and the first time you nip out to the cafe/builders merchants/traveling to and from work,etc, i would bet that you would meet up with a nice day out in court defending yourself from a five year stay at hmp holiday homes, or you could just leave the knife in you tool box until you need it, than i could spend most day running to and from my tool box, when i could be drinking tea, and eating bacon rolls, or i mean working.

    So now i come to the whole point of this post, which is that we as knife users,makers,collecters,retailers, will have no one to blame but ourselves when laws are passed which they will be!!!! that prevent us from using/making/collceting/selling/buying knives.

    And we as poeple who care about knives must put our voice forward, to counter the media driven PC knife crime witch hunt. And the only way this is going to happen is if we stand up for ourselves and form a lobby group along the lines of the us based "knife rights" group

    the last thing i want say in this opening post is to the poeple who think, that knives kill, the fact is knives don't kill, it sad to say, that its the fool behind the handle that is the one that kills, a knife is just a tool, mans oldest and most useful.


    to the moderators if this post is not in the right place please feel free to move it.



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